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  • Li Yanyan: Inheritance And Innovation, The Way To Balance Time Honored Brands

    According to Li Yanyan, the advantages of longqingxiang as a time-honored brand lie in the inheritance of tailor-made and the spirit of innovation. This year, in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, long Qingxiang launched a customized new product centering on the theme of "following nature", which conveys the Chinese nation of Taoism following nature and the unity of nature and man

    Dress culture World Service 2 20/11/26 7:9
  • The Beauty Of Chinese Clothes, Soaring Upward

    At 8:00 p.m. on November 21, 2020, the Chinese clothing brand "moshang Mulan", jointly created by Dongguan zifeiyu Clothing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen mumiandao Clothing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Brandon Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., successfully completed its first show of fashion week - "moshang Mulan · Fuyao" in the main venue of Humen fashion week, Dongguan Humen Exhibition Center. Humen fashion week and China (Humen) International Fashion Fair is one of the most influential

    Dress culture Fashion WeekKapok RoadMulanPress Conference 167 20/11/23 7:58
  • Kapok Road | Songhe Embroidery, Wearing A Touch Of Quiet On The Body

    Rain wet pine cool, wind drop pine flowers fine. The only crane loves serenity and does not fly. ——In the Chinese traditional culture, the song and the crane are like a couple of gods and fairies, which is entrusted with the noble and refined quality and the good auspicious implication. Pine, Ao Shuang Dou Xue, stand out from the crowd, the earliest seen in the book of songs · Xiaoya · skan "," rank rank Sigan, secluded Nanshan. It's like a bamboo bud, like a pine tree. " It is l

    Dress culture KapokPine Crane EmbroideryBody 6149 20/11/21 1:49
  • There Are Beautiful Women In The Southern Kingdom, Elegant And Elegant

    "There are beauties in the north, left behind and independent.". "There are beautiful women in southern China, and their tolerance is as beautiful as peaches and plums.". In the long history of China, if women in the north are majestic and dignified, women in the south are gentle and moving water. The poetic and picturesque water town outlines their graceful, the four seasons of birds and flowers depict their charm. After thousands of years, these Southern women have also entered

    Dress culture KapokHuafuNanguoJiaren 51 20/11/16 11:9
  • Kapok Road, Chinese Elegant Affairs, Flower Arrangement, Room Fragrance

    Choose purplish red, cut green, spring next to slender fingers. Blue embroidered copper bottle, cold ZHANJING Huashui. Sparse dense arrangement, with thick and light, reflecting a piece, literary heart and painting theory. Heavy position. The window is a few black skin, and dragonflies have bright wings. Then to drift, also at the bottom of the inkstone pool. Only worry about the warbler outside the curtain, pity Yi Gu Leng, carry on, next to thick bun. ——In Wang CE's Zhu Yingtai Jin Ping Hu

    Dress culture KapokYashiFlower ArrangementLiving Room 2 20/11/13 1:7
  • Digital Innovation Of Fashion Brands

    In the era of digital economy, fashion industry is increasingly showing the trend of extreme immersive experience and consumption upgrading. Digital technology has become the most effective market gripper for major brands, and digital innovation has become the pain point and challenge that fashion brands must pay attention to, and is also an effective "shortcut" for fashion brands to establish higher stickiness and loyalty with users.

    Dress culture Fashion BrandDigital InnovationBeijing Fashion WeekSummit Forum 160 20/11/8 5:43
  • Kapok Road: Mulan Fuyao Huafu Little Sister "Through" Humen Fashion Week, Waiting For You To Meet

    "The ROC rises with the wind one day and soars to 90000 Li.". All the clouds will be gone, all the good things will come. In November, when the epidemic situation is becoming more and more stable, we are looking forward to a beautiful Chinese clothing conference to help you release your inner pressure and regain your original elegance. On November 21, moshang Mulan, a Chinese clothing brand jointly created by kapok Road clothing and Brandon cultural travel, will present a Chinese clothin

    Dress culture Fu LanFu LanHua Mo Clothing 0 20/11/4 7:37
  • The Final Of The 18Th Dalangmao Clothing Design Competition Came To A Successful Conclusion

    On November 3, 2020, on the opening day of the 19th China (Dalang) International Wool Products Fair (later known as the "Textile Fair"), the 18th China (Dalang) wool clothing design competition, the 18th China (Dalang) wool clothing design competition, as one of the special activities of the "textile fair", was staged.

    Dress culture "Compinna Cup""Compinna Cup" 12 20/11/4 12:17
  • Kapok Road | Traditional Chinese Color Matching, High Level Sense Of Ancestry

    Many friends always buy and buy when they are happy and when they are not happy. However, after buying clothes, they always have a headache: the items are right, but the color doesn't match Today, let's talk about the color matching of improved Chinese style clothing. Color is always the key word of fashion. Because when others see you at the first sight, the most direct visual impact is color. What impresses me is that the year before last, there was a very popular drama called "the

    Dress culture KapokTraditionalColor MatchingAdvanced Feeling 125 20/10/30 8:1
  • When They Are Old, They Live Such A Life

    Yesterday was the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, the Double Ninth Festival. On this day, in addition to enjoying autumn, drinking chrysanthemum wine, planting Cornus all over the place, respecting and promoting filial piety, it is also a Chinese custom that has been handed down for thousands of years. Because "Jiu Jiu" and "Jiu Jiu" are homophones, nine is the largest number in the number, which means long-term longevity. So, how do the old people spend the festival? What

    Dress culture After ThatThis Life 77 20/10/26 1:1
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