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Casual Wear: The Trend Of Segmentation Is Obvious.

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Casual Wear: The Trend Of Subdivision Is Obvious.

In recent years, the casual trend of casual wear has become more and more obvious, including brand positioning, personality and business mode.

Ruteg Fen Fen booth at E2 Pavilion is simple and bright, and the shirt made of high count fabric feels excellent.

But the most interesting thing is Ruteg's "quasi custom-made" management method. For this reason, the company put forward its own business philosophy: "fit, harmony, and agreeable".


It is understood that the RUTIL feiffin shirt has designed a wide range of collar, cuffs, pockets and buttons for customers, and advocates "participation in design, self selection", allowing consumers to choose and match themselves, providing services for consumers of different trades and personalities.

"This is a relatively new marketing tool that allows customers to participate in the design so as to make products more responsive to their needs," said Yu Hai, head of the company's booth. "The quality fabric of Lu Tai will provide the foundation for this service."


Besides wanting to be different in the way of operation, rouge is also prepared to enter the high-end market through his positioning differences. Yu Hai also admits that the company is taking the high-end route.

In fact, since entering the domestic market, the company has established terminal channels in major shopping malls, hotels, airports, SHOPPING MALL and so on in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other large and medium-sized cities.


As a representative of business and leisure, the strategy of Lu Tai Lei Fen's segmentation is also adopted by many casual wear brands.

In recent years, the trend of casual wear has gradually become more and more obvious. This includes brand positioning, personality and business mode.

In the CHIC2008 exhibition, which focuses on the industry and market situation and trend, the layout design of E2 leisure pavilion exhibition area may well illustrate this problem.


In the E2 Pavilion, casual wear is divided into several major areas, including business, leisure, golf, fashion and leisure, jeans and fashion sports and leisure.


Casual dress becomes a major trend in China's clothing market, and the concept of "business leisure" comes into being under this trend.

Apart from Ruteg, the brands that enter the business and leisure market include featured dragon, Saiden and so on.


Recently, fashion and leisure brands have become the focus of the industry.

Through continuous efforts, Chinese designers have made the original brand to the international consumer market, become a brand with a fashion appeal in the Chinese market, and have strong international competitiveness, such as CABBEEN.

In the future, these original brands that represent the power of Chinese design will continue to strengthen in the domestic market and will drive a number of brands to maturity.


For the cowboy industry, the CHIC organizing committee said that the brand strength of CHIC2008's cowboy leisure exhibitors was significantly stronger than that of previous years, including a number of international brands that were eye-catching in the domestic market, such as Lee Cooper, Lois and so on.

International brands may have a greater impact on the domestic cowboy leisure market in the future.


And the emerging golf leisure market also occupies a place in CHIC2008. The rising consumption level of domestic consumers and the continuous upgrading of leisure and consumption consciousness will become a strong fulcrum for the future market.


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