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60% Chinese Consumers Are In Favor Of Brand Clothing.

2008/7/16 12:25:00 39

Brand Clothing

Over the past few years, the rapid growth of China's clothing sales has allowed many retailers at home and abroad to view it as a new opportunity for development.

A US Agency recently released a survey on consumer habits in China.

The report shows that the brand awareness of Chinese consumers is rising.

As many international brands enter Asia, Chinese consumers have become more brand conscious.

Research shows that 38% of Chinese consumers tend to be domestic brands when choosing clothes, while 22% prefer foreign brands.

Chinese consumers buy more than 600 brands of clothing monthly, and these brands come from different countries and regions such as China, Japan, Europe and the United States.

Sportswear, jeans and luxury brand clothing are most popular in China.

Chinese consumers like to buy and collect luxury goods and occupy 10% of the total global luxury consumption.

As Ann Maha pointed out in the International Herald Tribune, "in today's China, wearing represents your taste."

Chinese consumers will buy luxury clothing and clothing as investment behavior, with a view to highlighting their honorable status, publicizing their personalities and being different.


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