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The First China (Chongqing) Garment Market Development Fair Will Be Held.

2008/7/16 12:26:00 25

Garment Market Development Fair Will Be Held

The first China (Chongqing) garment market development fair, CO sponsored by the China Federation of Commerce and the Chongqing municipal government, will be held in from September 5th to 9th.

This is recently learned from the relevant municipal authorities.

It is understood that the Expo will be held in the green fashion city of Guanyin Bridge. The exhibition area is 100 thousand square meters, with more than 2000 booths. At present, 644 clothing brands have been identified at home and abroad.

It is understood that, influenced by factors such as cost pressures, industrial upgrading, changes in the pattern of foreign trade and adjustment of industrial layout, China's garment industry has begun to see the momentum of the eastward growth of the industry, and our city has become the bridgehead of its westward advance.

At present, China's eight major clothing markets, including Shishi clothing city, Changshu Chinese trousers industry center and Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing characteristic street, which have annual sales volume of 10 billion yuan, have signed the strategic alliance of "East Industry and West entering 8+1" with the Chinese brand clothing market located in green cloud Shangdu international fashion city.

At this Expo, these eight markets will boost the Western garment industry by exhibiting the commodities, releasing information, holding the summit forum and exchanging experiences.

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