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EOTO Fashion Pioneer

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EOTO Clothing

Dress has always been the focus of public concern, and it is also the focus of women's attention.

The EOTO clothing series produced by Kim Mei international clothing is a symbol of the trend and a trend of fashion dress.

EOTO clothing is an international dress with high quality and fashion trend. Its EOTO clothing is the best in the clothing brand. The unique technology makes people refreshing.

Beijing Jin Mei

International apparel Co., Ltd. not only requires a high quality of products, but also an experienced marketing organization. They have a professional marketing team and have formulated a series of feasible marketing strategies, so that the partners need not worry and make money easily.

Strong support for brands:

EOTO apparel partners can enjoy strong brand sourcing, rich management experience and excellent reputation in the industry.

With the support of unified brand, EOTO clothing factory stores will open up the market quickly and maintain first-class business performance.

Not only that, EOTO clothing dealers also enjoy the national unified advertising strategy guidance and national media advertising, website publicity and other support, the unified image will reduce dealer marketing and input, and achieve the largest range of customer source sharing.

Marketing strategy support:

Kim Yi Mei international fashion company has organized an experienced and experienced marketing think tank, which has laid a solid foundation for the successful operation of distributors.

EOTO apparel company's business team also aims at providing market research, providing local advertising strategy, advertising promotion plan and implementation guidance, with rich marketing experience and strong marketing planning ability, every quarter will carry out unified promotional activities in a planned way throughout the country.

Support for training:

EOTO clothing company will conduct a comprehensive training and guidance to the managers and staff of the distributors, and integrate the complicated marketing theories into the daily details of product display, shopping guide, customer psychology, monopoly management and so on in the form of case teaching, and will also receive a set of complete and practical clothing sales management tips, including: planning, marketing, shop operation, super shopping guide and so on, so that investors will become the leading experts in the industry in the short term, and they will not spend any money in the wrong way.

Quick support for Logistics:

EOTO apparel dealers can learn about the company's product information and market information through the network platform, order the best seller through fax and Internet, and the logistics department delivers the goods to the dealer's location in the shortest time, shortening the stocking cycle of the dealer and reducing the operation cost.

Over the years, the management experience of EOTO apparel company has been summed up in the field of clothing. The comprehensive use of the management system ensures that the management system can be accurately copied to distributors, and will surely lead the partners to go farther and farther on this road of entrepreneurship.

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