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Eight Ways To Eliminate Connection Faults

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Eight Ways To Eliminate Connection Faults

Building a network is relatively easy, but to manage the network well is a tedious task.

Not to mention that all kinds of requests made by users will keep you busy. It will be troublesome to solve the problem only because the network is not accessible. There are too many reasons for the network failure.

But as a network administrator, there is no need to lose the courage to solve the problem. As long as we classify the failure phenomena, there are still rules to follow.

First, the connection indicator is not bright.

Observe the RJ45 on the back side of the network card with two indicators.

They are connected state indicator and signal pmission indicator respectively. In normal state, the connection status indicator is green and long and bright, and the indicator light is red.

If we find the connection indicator, or the green light is not lit, then the connection between the NIC and the HUB or the switch is faulty.

In this regard, we can use the tester to segment and exclude. If the switch is connected to the network card through multiple modules, we can use the dichotomy to locate quickly.

In general, most of these failures are caused by the lack of wires and poor crystal quality.

Moreover, most of the fault points are connected at both ends, for example, the port of the switch and the adapter that connects to the computer network card. With the aid of the tester, it is easy to solve the problem by finding out the fault.

Two, the signal indicator light is not bright.

If the signal indicator is not lit, then there is no signal to pmit, but it is certain that the line is normal.

Then, instead of using the replacement method, try changing the wire connecting the computer to another computer, or using a tester to check whether there is a signal pmission. If there is a signal pmission, then it is the problem of the local network card.

In practical work experience, it is proved that network card is a common failure resulting in no information pmission.

This can first check whether the network card installation is normal, IP settings are wrong, you can try Ping IP address of this machine, if Ping general rule can be explained that NIC is not too big problem.

If it doesn't work, it can try to reinstall the NIC driver to solve it. In addition, it is easy to be unstable for some network cards that use integrated network cards or not of high quality, that is, all settings are correct, but the network is not working.

This can disable NIC, and then re activate the method, it will also have unexpected results.

Three, speed down use

Many network cards use 10M/100M adaptable NIC. Although the default setting of the NIC is "adaptive", there may be some mismatches under the influence of the speed of the switch or the method of making the network cable.

At this time, do not try to set the speed of network card directly to 10M.

The method is to right-click the local connection to open its property window, click the configure button in the General tab, switch the open network card property window to the Advanced tab, select "Link Speed/Duplex Mode" in the "property" list, select "10 Full Mode" on the right side of the "down" drop-down menu, click Save button in turn to save the settings.

Four, firewall leads to network barrier.

In order to ensure security in LAN, many friends have installed some firewalls.

This is very easy to cause some "false" failures, such as Ping is not accessible, but it can access each other's computers, can not access the Internet, but can use QQ and so on.

It is very simple to determine whether a firewall is causing a failure. You just need to temporarily shut down the firewall and then check if the fault is there.

The reason for this failure is also very simple. For example, when users visit a website for the first time when using IE, the firewall will ask whether the program can be allowed to access the network. Some users are not careful because they are not allowed to use such settings in the future, which naturally leads to network failure.

A more thorough solution is to remove this limitation in the firewall.

For example, the author uses Jinshan net dart, then it can open its window, switch to the "application rule" label, and then find the Internet Explorer item in it, and click "allow".

Five, the whole network is strangely impassable.

In the actual troubleshooting process, for some larger networks, it is also easy to appear strange faults of the whole network.

Strange to say, because all the phenomena seem normal, the indicator and configuration are inspected, and there are no problems, but the network is out of order; and what is even more surprising is the occasional access of one or two computers in the process of impassability.

In fact, this is a typical phenomenon of network storm, which occurs mostly in some large and medium-sized networks.

There are many viruses in the network, and then they flow and infect each other. Because of the large number of computers in the network, the amount of data pmission is large, and the ports are directly occupied, so that normal data can not be pmitted.

The most direct way to solve the network storm caused by virus is to find out the source of the storm. At this time, it is necessary to install a firewall on a computer in the network, for example, Kingsoft net dart. After you enable the firewall, you will find that the firewall is constantly alerting. After you open it, you can see that the firewall intercepts the virus attack from the same IP address in the security log of the "security status" label. When you find out which computer is based on the IP address, you can find out which computer it is and disconnect it from the network to kill the virus, so you can solve the problem in general.

Tip: as a network administrator, even under normal circumstances, it is necessary to install Kingsoft net, script src=>

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