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Eight Steps Of Website Construction Planning

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Eight Steps Of Website Construction Planning

The large-scale website construction plan is different from the enterprise class website, before the website construction needs the very good plan to be able to achieve the wish, today I have planned many industry portal websites' experience summary, today I will share with you a few steps of planning a large site, through finishing the following questions to arrange the website planning mentality.

Step one: who are the users of the web site? What are the characteristics of these users? What are these users doing on the Internet?

The second step: whether the website that the client wants to build is pure online or online or offline? What is the profit mode of the website? If it is a combination of online and offline business, what is the role of the website in connection with the actual business?

The third step: are there any websites that you are going to build in the industry or similar industries? Are you planning the competitors of this website? How do they earn money? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these websites after your analysis? What are some of the websites that you will refer to in the website planning plan? Please do not forget that learning from others is also an art.

The fourth step: do you want to plan website projects need to be clear? How are columns designed and specific columns? What kind of functions are there? What are the functions? What are the forms of expression? Why do we set them up? Is there no better way? Please remember that the planning work before the website construction is quite complicated. If the project is not clear enough, the consequences will be very serious.

So as a project leader, you have to be clear about this.

The fifth step: how will the background of the website be set up? What are the features of the front user interface and user interface that are humanized, simple and popular?

The sixth step: have you studied how the competitors are promoted? Do you consider the SEO standard when you are planning the website? What kind of website will you promote in the future? Now, if your website does not take into consideration the SEO standard, the appetite of the search engine, and the website that will not be considered by the network marketing, there will be another waste project on the Internet. Please do not waste your RMB anymore.

The seventh step: who will plan your website construction project? Who will undertake the construction? How much experience does their team have? Do they have successful cases of ASP.NET or JSP development? Now large websites adopt these new and high technologies to ensure the safety and foresight of the developed websites, because revision will cost you a lot of manpower and material resources.

The eighth step: website maintenance later, what is the network marketing team scheduling form?

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