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How To Run A Stationery Store

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Sales Promotion At Stationery Store

stay Stationery store In the process of operation, take out some hoarding. commodity (most of them) and some of the more popular products (a small proportion) come up with these things to promote sales. Promotion can not be a general promotion. It can not be too simple. It is too simple, and sales promotion has become a waste. Therefore, you can make some integral cards (note that it is an integral card, not a membership card).

You come to everyone in your shop. consumption The student will give an integral card. You tell them that as long as you take this scorecard to the store, you can accumulate 1 points for each dollar you spend. When you get 20 points, you have a small gift. You get 50 points and a better gift. You get 100 points and a better gift. (students are easy to satisfy, and they are very happy to get some small things). Besides, they have to tell them that this card can also be used to lend to their classmates and friends, so that they will spend all his classmates and friends on his points for the sake of integral points. In this way, you can develop and bind the customers well. And those points are all the hoarding and popular products mentioned before.

There are 4 advantages to this:

1, it is possible to develop and bind some customers in a certain probability, so as to have a certain source of their own.

2, we can effectively deal with hoarding goods and increase liquidity.

3, we must weaken our competitors' competitive strength to a certain extent by increasing their source.

4, play a certain role. Propaganda Effect!

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