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2011 Jeans Fashion Trend

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Jeans Fashion Trend


In 70s, almost everyone pierced the cowboy. This lifestyle led the integration of modern fashion modeling and 70s fabric technology, and innovating into the garment industry.

Fabric processing, finishing and decoration reflect the sense of the times, review personal history and burst out new memories.

Fabrics are concentrated in organic cotton, recycled cotton and natural materials, reducing waste, saving land, water and energy.

With a small amount of loss, with limited strength to take risks, and to promote our own way of life.

The dream of fanaticism brings us closer to our dream.

Practical technology enables us to freely display the best ideas.

Hongkong Central Cotton: Central Cotton weaving is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Central Textile Group. It is a third generation family business with more than 50 years of experience in the textile industry.

To provide innovative jeans and fashionable jeans.



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