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China'S Chemical Fiber Industry To Achieve "Yield + Quality" Win Win

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Chemical Fiber Industry

along with

Reform and Opening-up

In recent years, the development of China's chemical fiber industry has been developing rapidly.

Since China's chemical fiber production ranks first in the world in 1998, China's chemical fiber production ranks first in the world in 11 consecutive years.

Among them, the whole year of 2009

Chemical fiber output

About 26 million -2680 million tons, an increase of 8%-11% over the same period last year.

Chang Yizhi, a researcher of chemical industry in CIC, pointed out that over the past few years, China has been developing

Chemical fiber industry

Not only has it been increasing in production, but also has made some achievements in technology development and product development.

In terms of technology development, China's chemical fiber industry basically introduced the foreign production technology and equipment in the early years. By the year 1990s, the technology and equipment for the rapid development of the world's chemical fiber industry have been widely applied in China.

In recent years, China's chemical fiber industry has continuously improved its localization technology and equipment level and engineering design capability through digestion and absorption of advanced international technology and independent innovation.

By 2006, the main technology and equipment of the chemical fiber industry basically reached the international advanced level at the end of 1990s, and some of them had reached the international advanced level at the beginning of twenty-first Century.

For example, major breakthroughs have been made in the production of polyester complete sets and engineering technologies, and polyester filament engineering and technology have been developed and widely applied, and the technical equipment of viscose, spandex and nylon cord fabrics has been successfully developed and promoted.

Chang Yizhi believes that the progress made by these technologies has not only effectively reduced the gap between China's chemical fiber industry and the world's advanced level, but also improved the overall competitiveness of China's chemical fiber industry in the world.

In terms of product development, China's chemical fiber industry has become an industrial system with basically complete varieties and reasonable structure.

According to the 2010-2015 year investment analysis and forecast report of China chemical fiber industry released by China investment advisor, China's chemical fiber products mainly include polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, spandex, vinylon, viscose and so on. Among them, the proportion of long and short yarn is about 3:2, and polyester production accounts for about 80%, acrylic and nylon respectively account for 4.6% and 4.7%.

Chang Yi Chi also pointed out that in order to adapt to the needs of the development of China's textile industry, new chemical fiber varieties have been put into production in China at the same time of developing traditional chemical fiber products.

For example, in the new chemical fiber varieties put into operation, the annual output of colored fiber, network yarn, fine denier yarn, high-strength and low stretch sewing thread has exceeded 10000 tons, and the annual output of high shrinkage fiber, special shaped fiber, polyester cationic dyeable modified fiber is over 1000 tons.

China's self-developed carbon fiber, poly (terephthalate two) (PTT) fiber, Aramid 1313, high performance superfine fiber and other new fibers have played an important role in aerospace, military and other fields.

In addition, the differential rate of products has also been improved.

According to the 2010-2015 year investment analysis and forecast report of China chemical fiber industry released by CIC, the difference rate of chemical fiber products in China in 2000 was 22%, which reached 31% in 2005 and 38% in 2007. By 2009, the difference rate of chemical fiber products reached 43%.

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