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China Cotton Textile Forum: Comprehensively Improving The Production Level Of Xinjiang Cotton Textile Industry

2010/9/17 17:32:00 51

Cotton Spinning

The fourth member congress of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association and the 2010 China Cotton Textile Forum was held in Shihezi in from September 12th to 13th. The delegates agreed that Xinjiang cotton Textile industry Ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development and overall improvement Cotton spinning The time has come for industrial production.

This is the first time that the Chinese cotton textile industry has held such a grand event in Xinjiang. The theme of this forum is: readjustment, spanfer and development. Du Yuzhou, President of the China Textile Industry Association, made a special report entitled "continuing to increase structural readjustment and upgrading of industries, and striding forward to a textile power". Wang Wei, deputy director of the Department of industrial and consumer products of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Zhang Xianbin, director of the economic and Trade Department of the national development and Reform Commission, Kong Shiquan, deputy director Kong Shiquan of the Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee respectively made a special report.

It is agreed that China's cotton textile industry has developed to the present. Structural adjustment In the critical period of history, the new round of large-scale aid to the Xinjiang has brought tremendous opportunities for development, and the cotton textile industry is also facing new opportunities for development. The cotton textile industry association hopes that the textile industry will develop relatively mature provinces and cities, mobilize local textile enterprises with strong strength to invest and build factories in Xinjiang, increase investment in knitting, weaving, clothing, home textiles, printing and dyeing, and form a complete textile industry chain in Xinjiang, thus producing high value-added textile products.

At the same time, Shihezi was awarded the "China's cotton and textile city" by the China Textile Industry Association. It is also the fifth city in the country to win the famous cotton textile city.

Shihezi is an important cotton producing area and textile industrial base in our region. At present, the total scale of cotton textile spindles has been put into operation and built in Shihezi is nearly 3 million spindles. By the end of this year, the production capacity of 200 thousand tons of cotton yarn, 8 million meters of household textiles, 20 million tons of yarn dyed shirt fabrics, 8300 tons of towels and 20 million meters of clothing fabrics will be formed by the end of this year.

During the meeting, Shandong Ruyi group and South Korea SamSung products (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. jointly invested 2 billion yuan in the "Ruyi spinning" industrialization project held the foundation stone ceremony. Shandong Ruyi group has 20 wholly owned and controlling subsidiaries. It is a well-known innovative technology textile enterprise in China. Its self-developed "Ruyi spinning", that is, efficient short process embedded composite spinning technology, has broken through the high limit of product grade and quality, and has obvious advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and short flow. The "Ruyi spinning" industrialization project started in Shihezi includes an annual production of 6 million meters of high-grade worsted fabric items, with an annual output of 1 million 500 thousand sets of high-end suits, with an annual output of 30 million meters of high-grade dyed fabric and 10 million sets of high-grade non iron shirts. After the project is completed, the annual sales income can reach 4 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes will be 900 million yuan, so as to solve the employment of nearly 5000 people.

The Shihezi municipal government and Shandong Ruyi group jointly established the Xinjiang Ruyi superfine wool Science Research Institute, and used life science and gene improvement technology to cultivate China's super fine wool sheep.

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