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Black Heart Quilts Produce High &Nbsp; Sales Lie On "Coat" And Low Prices Make Money.

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Quilt Industry Market

Recently, the sale of black heart cotton dens was investigated and aroused widespread concern in the community. In order to find out the source of these "black heart cotton", the reporter rushed to several villages in Pingdu and Jiaozhou to investigate secretly. From sorting the types of clothes and leftovers to producing "black heart cotton" finished products, there is a profit chain of interest, attracting people engaged in this industry. People familiar with the matter said, "these processed" Black heart cotton Most of them are sold to bedding products in Linyi, Weifang and other places. market 。

According to the press survey, from the sorting of clothing waste materials to the production of "black heart cotton" finished products, and then sold to all parts of the country, it has already formed a profit chain of interest, attracting this undertaking. industry People.

The first ring: pick up the leftovers. The clothes factory waste has become a hot commodity.

As cotton prices soared, even the waste products produced by clothing were sold at a high price. Yesterday, reporters on Jimo, Chengyang and other parts of clothing enterprises survey found that, with the cotton prices skyrocketing, clothing leftovers also doubled from the original per ton of thousand yuan, these leftovers are made of inferior cotton.

"Since last year, the rest of our enterprises such as cloth heads and other leftovers have been very sought after, and prices have gone up." A person in charge of a clothing enterprise in Huan Xiu street, Jimo, told reporters that their enterprises produce hundreds of kilograms of leftovers every day, and they all have special people to buy them. All of them were left at the price of 10 thousand yuan a year. But from last year, many people came to buy the leftovers, and then there was a rush to buy them. These leftovers were also "baby". The price also changed from the previous annual contract to a ton sale. Now the lowest price per ton of clothing leftovers is over 1000 yuan, and the price of the highest pure white cotton waste has risen to nearly 4000 yuan per ton, while some poor "variegated" leftovers are also in the range of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan.

Second ring: rough processing "black heart cotton" is also rising.

According to insiders, the villages at the junction of Jiaozhou and Pingdu are mainly engaged in sorting black cotton and the black core cotton rough processing for more than 10 years. Most of the workers are village residents. In recent years, relevant departments have stepped up efforts to crack down on "black heart cotton". For safety reasons, these processing points are generally made by telephone. Because their location is very hidden in the village, they are generally not easy to find.

"These are all done well, a package of" cotton "about more than 300 Jin, directly can be made bedding. Qiancun black heart cotton processing dens, a self proclaimed man named Tong, told reporters that he was working here in the field. His boss was not at home, and he was responsible for his work every day. "Now cotton prices have been rising. Since last year, cotton is very popular here, and the worst per ton has also been sold up to 1750 yuan, up nearly 10% compared to the original, and many foreign customers are rushing to pull goods." Xiao Tong said. The reporter found that Xiao Tong's "cotton" not only has a pungent smell, but also contains many colorful fillet and other dirty things. Third ring: finished product "black heart cotton" filling bedding mattress.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters in the industry and quality supervision and other departments learned that enterprises sell leftovers for recycling, but at present, the state has not yet issued relevant mandatory provisions for the sale of leftovers. Relevant law enforcement departments can only supervise the production process when these wastes are reused. At present, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has already reflected the relevant investigation situation to the relevant departments of Jiaozhou and Pingdu City Government. It suggests that the departments should link up these black processing points.

Black heart cotton may be poisoned.

"In the past, we often received some reports of malaise caused by black cotton." According to the staff of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, black cotton is basically a remote school or migrant worker who often buys cheap black cotton products in a small store in order to save money. According to the law enforcement officers of the textile quality inspection bureau of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, "black heart cotton" mainly refers to the use of fibrous industrial waste, medical fiber waste, waste clothing and other waste fiber products and other materials that do not meet the relevant national standards. The use of black cotton will cause serious harm to the human body.

Black heart cotton has short cotton batches exceeding the standard and easily penetrates the cotton fabric and float in the air. Inhalation may cause respiratory diseases such as asthma. In addition, cotton products made from fibrous industrial wastes can be bacterial hotbeds without being sterilized strictly. Human skin will be stimulated to varying degrees after exposure to skin, while red spots and pruritus will appear.

Teach you a trick "see, smell, touch, tear" can distinguish true and false.

The commerce and industry department reminds consumers to buy professional products, such as quilts, cotton pads and other wadding products. We must look for professional businessmen, seriously distinguish them and choose them carefully. City Consumers Association reminds consumers that it is possible to distinguish black quilt cotton and other quilts through four ways.

Generally speaking, black heart cotton looks unclean, impurity, or even a head or rags, and the quality cotton is pure and white with no excessive dust. In addition, high quality cotton has no pungent odor when burning, while black cotton is bleached when processed, and smells sour when it is burned. Secondly, the quality cotton feels soft and elastic, and the black heart cotton handle is rough and inelastic. The last move is to break the black heart cotton, but not to the high quality cotton.

Don't let black heart cotton up your bed.

Gold and jade are left behind. In the interview, the reporter made a direct attack on the whole process of making black heart cotton -- using all kinds of fiber leftovers as raw materials, without any disinfection, making black objects, and then changing the sleeves into a "bed". Looking at the dens that are working on "black heart cotton", those workers are covered with black hair and rubbish everywhere, making it difficult for them to connect these things with bedding. If you see the whole process of making black cotton, when you buy bedclothes again, you will never make it cheaper again.

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