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Exhibition Knowledge: Booth Selection Problem

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Exhibition Knowledge Booth Selection

  But every shop or stall, the most exquisite is the lot, as long as the right choice of the store site, it can be said that half of the success. Similarly, the importance of exhibitors' choice of booth is equal to the location of the shop. What kind of booth can help the exhibitors most? This week, we will go ahead. Booth selection Problems, continuation and Reinvention International sales The professionals of the department work together for the vast number of exhibitors. Exhibitors booth The way to choose is to make plans.


Location selection


There are many purposes for enterprises to participate in the exhibition, which can be divided into marketing, publicity, communication and many other aspects, but no matter what kind of purpose, they can not do without a basic element -- the flow of people. Whether it's group exhibitors, exhibitors or spectators, Exhibition Each side is directed at people. Exhibitors as Exhibition Naturally, the leading role of the singing opera is to gather popularity, and the position of booths is undoubtedly the most fundamental and important in all means of attracting audiences and increasing people's flow. A good booth can not only make the enterprise's propaganda activities get twice the result with half the effort, but also serve as a measure to protect the bottom: even if the publicity effect of the enterprise is not satisfactory, it can not make itself become. Exhibition The focus of everyone's attention can also ensure that they can not be avoided. The effect is just like the front page headline of the newspaper, where the position is placed, and whoever comes is unable to escape.


So what kind of position is it? Exhibition In general, the best stand is the entrance or entrance of the venue. This will not only come straight to the point, but because the audience who are just entering the stadium is full of energy and enthusiasm, so they will pay attention and stop for a long time. Secondly, the location of the exit is quite conspicuous, but because the audience is somewhat weary or has settled the business at this time, it is popular. index It will be slightly worse than the entrance. But the outlet also has the advantage of the export department. Those who have not yet found the audience who are completely satisfied with their goals in the conference hall will take the last expectation and pay special attention to the booths in this area. Besides, they already have a good idea of the exhibition situation, so the success rate of the business negotiation with the customers will be higher. Then it is the main four corners of the main pedestrian trunk road or the "ten" trunk road. These are also places where people are concentrated, but it is important to note that when the number of people attending the exhibition is expected to be large, the booth which is a little away from the main road or cross will be more suitable, because the flow of people will bring inconvenience to customers. If the situation is reversed, try to be visible at the intersection. Next, there are relatively more places near the information office, news center and all kinds of basic service facilities, such as restaurants, snack bars and toilets. Also, the booth of foreign businessmen (domestic exhibitions) or famous enterprises is generally the focus of attention and the target of the plan. Choosing sites around them is also a good choice. Finally, it should be noted that if the booth in the previous exhibition is in a better location or better displayed, then the next session will be held. Exhibition We should try our best to choose the same or near location booth so as to facilitate the visit and negotiation between old customers and old friends.


Booth structure


Friends who have had experience in buying a house know that in addition to selecting lots, there are two important factors that are the structure and orientation. Otherwise, no matter how good the geographical location is, the whole room will only be exposed to the sun in the south. This is also true of the booth, not only for its location in the stadium, but also for details and direction. Here we will divide into two types: continuous and independent.


As everyone knows, Exhibition The main arrangement of the middle stand is a row of continuous paved forms. Among them, those with one side of the booth are only one side facing aisle booth, also known as the "roadside" booth, also known as the "single opening" booth. When the booth is this class, we should give priority to selecting the last two types of positions introduced in the previous part, so as to minimize the adverse effects of single side openings and try to attract more eyeballs. Those at the corner, which is the top of a row of booths and adjacent to the aisle, are called "corner type" booths, also known as "double openings" booths. Because the audience can enter the booth from its parallel passageways and vertical aisles, it is more than twice the surface area to allow the audience to contact the booth when the volume is the same. The display effect is naturally better than the "crossing type" booth, so the booth should be chosen as far as possible under the same position.


For large enterprises, these two kinds of booths are often cramped. In order to achieve the requirements of corporate image and publicity, relatively independent stand is needed. So there is also the so-called "Peninsula type" booth and "island" booth. That is to say, spectators can enter the booth from three sides or any one side, and the display effect is naturally increasing gradually. Exhibitors should choose carefully built and decorated in order to achieve the full effect.


Cost performance value


We talked about the problems we should pay attention to when choosing the booth position, but there is another factor that must be taken into account besides the location. That is the price. After all, most of the exhibitors attending the exhibition are small and medium enterprises with limited conditions. How to get the highest cost booth is the most important problem. Although good location and large booths help enterprises to participate in the exhibition, blindly pursuing ostentation and luxury means that the cost of exhibitors is rising. Meanwhile, the objective effect that the exhibitors need to achieve is also rising. The risk of exhibitors' failure also naturally grows along with them. The most important thing is that the flow of people and the effect of exhibitors can not be fully equated. For example, the two exhibitors of A and B, the booth of A. Exhibition During the period, thousands of people came to see, but not a single list; and B's booth only came to dozens of people, but made more than a dozen businesses, so A is no doubt a failure, but it is likely to turn around. Exhibition After the conclusion, A's orders came like snowflakes, but there was no further B.


This is not to say that the choice of booth is not important, but to show that participation is a systematic project which requires careful preparation and full participation of the enterprise. We all know that the details determine success or failure, but the key to paying attention to details is to pay attention to every detail. Only by letting go of any possible problem, can we successfully achieve the goal of participating in the exhibition. The purpose of this series is to start with every detail of the exhibition, so that the vast number of exhibitors can discover and improve their participation methods, and achieve greater and better participation.

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