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Exhibition Knowledge: Unique Promotion

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Exhibition Knowledge Promotion

   Consumer goods exhibition We are making every effort to attract a large number of spectators and group businessmen to give more attention to the competition of the free time of the public. If from Exhibition Education, entertainment, to improve the company image or even parking spaces, etc., through these additional services to attract the audience. From a survey of exhibitors in the consumer exhibition, we can see what way to increase. Exhibition Excitedly, businessmen put forward various suggestions. Denver industry Exhibition Company: an unconventional way -- brown bear education seminar is located in an industry in Denver, USA. Exhibition CEO and CEO Jeff Houghton, based on his experience in sports / household products / lawn show, motorcycle sled exhibition, breathing apparatus / recreational car / Camping exhibition, put forward the following suggestions: first, Jeff believes that most successful promotions are those with obvious characteristics. Exhibition There must be something special to attract the audience. For example, when the entertainment car / Camping exhibition was held, their company bought a 600 pound Alaska brown bear and launched a brown bear education seminar. The reason why the public took part in the exhibition was because they knew that no other brown bear education seminar could be seen anywhere else.


In addition, in order to solve the problem of parking spaces around exhibition venues, it is being held. Exhibition The company attendants led the audience to the parking lot near the stadium, where parking fees were less than $2 in general parking lots. Therefore, for a period of 2 days Exhibition During the period, a total of more than 500 parking facilities were fully utilized. Reed exhibition company: Unique promotion - Bruce picvic, vice president of picnic group in the city, put forward some methods from his successful experience in organizing car and sports exhibitions.


stay Exhibition At the beginning, Reed Interact with the audience in an interactive way. For example, when a sports exhibition is held, a real deer is used at the scene, and then explain to the audience how to prepare meat and proper storage.


When the auto show was held, Reed joined a high school technology competition to allow professionals to set up some minor faults in the car, and then let the students compete to find out where the problem was first. The winners awarded a trip to New York and were eligible to compete in the national competition. In some exhibitions, Reed also held special promotional activities, such as barbecue picnic for students from New York visual arts school, and the high piano that was placed next to them could help them. This activity has been held many times with the tour, and has received much attention from the news media. The Losangeles post also printed photos on the front page to remind viewers that this is a picnic in the city. Sherlock exhibition company: CO planning with the media - a "ugly home competition" in the southern United States Sherlock exhibition company dedicated to women, household products and lawn, farm and Christmas activities, the vice president of the company has the following experience: when the women's goods exhibition was held in Jacksonville, the company worked with local TV stations to plan a donation for the homeless, and donated about 2000 sets of clothing for the homeless. All come to Exhibition purchase Suit The audience who donates money can be admitted free. In addition, when the household supplies exhibition was held, the company held a "ugly home competition" with one of the exhibitors. The audience rushed to paste their own photos of the kitchen, panel, bathroom and yard onto the notice board in front of the exhibitor's booth. For a while, the flow of people surged, and exhibitors' orders increased sharply. Weathersfield exhibition company: success or not - how much public relations have accumulated? This is in the United States. Kangnai Teague's exhibition company, mainly engaged in flowers, gifts, food, boats, entertainment cars / camping, children's products, golf and fishing / outdoor sports exhibition, its northeast region marketing company president George Carl. standard It is how much public relations it produces; at the same time, when promoting sales activities, it must be linked to the target audience of the company. For example, holding some thematic seminars has always been a more successful approach. It is not necessary to invite celebrities to give speeches, but the topics chosen are critical. Secondly, it is very important for the exhibition to bring pleasure to the audience. If the audience enters the exhibition hall with ease and pleasure, their purchase will not be low. In addition, if we are to hold an exhibition in the urban area, we must consider the parking problem of the spectators. We rent at least 4/5 of the exhibition venues for free parking for spectators. Dennis Smith, a vice president of an exhibition production company in Portland, participated in the holiday food / Gift Festival, which was held in 6 cities in 1997. The Portland exhibition company is a company that maintains freshness. He put forward this experience: in order to attract the basic audience, that is, women, many children's activities were held and child care services were provided at the scene. In addition, they also set up a site for children to learn to make handicrafts. At the same time, they obtained some creative ideas from the International Festival Society. They had the idea of making the exhibition a city festival. Although much work is still in progress, he said in his words: "with the increasing number of old audiences who are familiar with our exhibitions, how are we keeping each year?" Exhibition The challenge of freshness. " He believes that the atmosphere of the festival must be different from the atmosphere of the exhibition. Because they compete with shopping centers and attract more spectators to buy, they decorate each time carefully. Exhibition In order to keep the audience looking back. There were spectators who complained about indoor air quality and interior decoration. They spent at least a whole day. Exhibition The arrangement includes laying red and white carpet, placing a 26 foot Christmas tree, lighting lights, hanging flags and drooping ornaments. In addition, they also set up a rest room and are considering decorating the outside of the stadium.

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