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Business Forum: Lang Xianping Talks About The Future Of Textiles

2010/12/29 15:39:00 117

Lang Xianping Business Forum

Attracting much attention to "grasp the times and win the future" -- the business forum of 100 billion textile business circles in Guangzhou, China officially opened at 2 p.m. on December 28th.

This industry summit forum is hosted by Pearl River International Textile City (Forum Photo Album apartment model review map search), inviting renowned economist Lang Xianping to give a lecture. At the same time, five guests, including government, industry associations, business representatives, college professors and project leaders, are gathered to make authoritative speeches on their respective professional fields and to talk about the future development of the textile industry.




Lang Xianping is the guest speaker for the forum.

Pearl River International

Textile City

With its industry-leading high-end facilities and unique advanced operation philosophy, the government and industry have placed high hopes for upgrading the industry.

The project has been designated by the three governments of Guangdong, Guangzhou and Haizhuqu District as key enterprises, "11th Five-Year" key construction projects and the China textile brand exhibition and trade demonstration base project, which carries the planning target of the three level government in the provincial and city level to build the "Zhongda cloth City hundred billion business circle and the global textile brand procurement center", and at the same time, leads the overall upgrading of the China textile business circle.

Therefore, this industry summit forum is closely related to the development trend of the global textile industry and the upgrading of China textile business circle.

Professor Lang Xianping, who is known for his speech on pointing out shortcomings, took the lead in vocalization and thoroughly analyzed the development trend of the global textile market in the world and how to create it.

international market

Brand has made a unique view.

As the number one country in the global textile industry, China can only further strengthen its own strength by grasping the pulse of industry development, discerning the laws of market economy and standing at the commanding heights of the industry.

Professor Lang Xianping's broad vision and passionate speech won the applause of the guests.

The interview group composed of five guests, including government, industry associations, business representatives, Faculty professors and project leaders, made speeches in their respective fields.

The interaction has brought a climax to this forum.

Mr. Fang Yitao, deputy director of Haizhuqu District economic and Trade Bureau of Guangzhou, first outlined the vision of the Pearl River International Textile City -- the future "textile headquarters economic base" from the government's perspective.

Fang said that the upgrading of CUHK business is imperative. The emergence of Pearl River International Textile City in this period will inevitably lead to a new round of upgrading of the business circle, which is crucial to the development of "textile headquarters economic base".

And through the Pearl River International

Textile City

The general manager Xiao Gu's in-depth interpretation of the matching and operation of the project has enabled participants to further understand the Pearl River International Textile City in a three-dimensional and multi-level way, increasing confidence in the project.





Distinguished guests, please talk about the future development of textile industry.

The textile industry summit also invited the Deputy Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Association and Mr. Xia Lingmin, chairman of the Circulation Association of China Textile Industry Association.

As the leader of the most powerful Association in China's textile industry, President Xia has also been paying attention to every step of the Pearl River International Textile City.

He explained how the new professional market should innovate in serving the market service system, and set up a good public service platform for business operators.

At the same time, President Xia also aimed at the Pearl River International Textile City project, and focused on how to give full play to the role of the market platform and create a new international textile fabric exhibition platform.

As a representative of the business circles of the China great trade circle, Mr. Li Zhineng, the executive vice president of the China Textile Industry Association and the director of Yuexiu cloth business, has expressed his views on how to improve their competitiveness.

He said that businesses should pay attention to the establishment of brand awareness, enhance their R & D capabilities, consciously promote business exchanges, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises will play a certain role.

He emphasized in particular the broad development platform provided by Zhujiang International Textile City, which has a positive impact on the brand and corporate image of the company.

Wang Xianqing, Professor of marketing in Guangdong University of Business, has made an in-depth exposition from the upgrading of traditional industries and upgrading the core competitiveness. At the same time, he also affirmed the positioning of Zhujiang International Textile City and placed hope for the development of the project.

After that, the guests actively interacted with the guests by asking questions, and asked questions about the current textile industry's concerns.

After four hours of industry exchange, this industry summit forum has come to a successful conclusion.

The Pearl River International Textile City, with its experts and scholars in the polymerization industry and the way to create the summit forum, has provided a wonderful ideological collision for the majority of the participants. It has laid a broad mass foundation for the smooth sailing of the Pearl River International Textile City and has aroused good social response.

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