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Stay Away From Obesity.

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Obesity Lifestyle

1. eat less and eat more.

Eat 5 times a day, eat less each time. Don't be afraid to say that you are a big greedy cat. Irregular diet can make yourself fat burning. machine 。 Because the long-term standard eating time will make the digestive system reflex generally enter the best working condition immediately, which is very strong in absorbing nutrients. Therefore, three meals a day, such as morning, noon and evening, can be served in the morning, with some yogurt and nuts, and some fruit or beef jerky in the afternoon. The right is a snack, ensuring that there will be no strong hunger and no overeating during the meal.

2. low card Philosophy

Calculate your daily basic energy with reference to BMI value, and you will know how much you should intake one day. Calorie Now. This formula is used to remind you to ensure that you have a low calorie diet philosophy. Don't always eat freely. You can gain 0.5 kilograms of body weight if you eat more than 3500 calories, and on the contrary, you can reduce 0.5 kilograms if you eat less.

3. get up early and go to bed early.

8 hours of sleep is enough. The best time to sleep is between 11 and 12. sleep Quality. Develop this good habit, so that you can be full of energy all day, and the motor cells can be activated once they are mobilized. A sluggish look is not enough to take the initiative to exercise. You just want to sleep. It's good to doze on the sofa.

4. weigh the body sooner or later.

Weight is the best way to wake people up and put an electronic scale at the door. The biggest advantage of the electronic scale is the accuracy of the number, which is accurate to the decimal point after the kilogram. Limit your weight to about 1 kilos, otherwise you should reflect on your eating too much.

5. belt

Wearing low waist trousers is a fashion trend in recent years. Many trousers don't have belts designed on the waist line, so many girls don't wear girdle for a long time. The waist belt that can help the waist force, exercise the abdominal muscles, and control the ptosis of the stomach, must be retrieved again. This way, the pressure of the stomach on the waistband will soon be felt when eating, and remind oneself to stop eating. On the other hand, the belt can keep the waist line, so that the fat will not stagnate here for a long time.

6.1 hour exercise

No matter how busy you are every day, you must save sporadic time to get together for an hour to exercise. Climbing stairs, walking, standing and waiting for the gap between buses and toilets, they should cultivate interest in sports and keep long-term rigid joints activities. In winter, vasoconstriction causes blood deficiency at the extremities, and the cold and cold hands and feet. The quickest way to dispelling cold is to exercise more, speed up the circulation of blood, and make your face rosy and warm. Standing on tiptoe, bending your shoulders, shrugging your shoulders and turning around your neck, you can easily get rid of the miserable look.

7. crazy Entertainment

It's very exhausting to have fun, laugh or scream when you play. There is a new way to lose weight with yoga laughter. The best choice for winter entertainment is skiing, skating, open space. You can shout and nobody will give you a cold shoulder. If you are still king of songs, then be careful when you are a tyrant. You can deduce every song with deep feeling and adjust your breathing. You will find that the belly, chest and back are very nervous. Singing a song is equivalent to doing a comprehensive physical training.

8. stay away from caffeine and nicotine.

Do not smoke or take too much caffeine. Coffee, cola, strong tea and alcohol must be properly controlled. The study of nutrition combined with kinematics shows that the balance of human energy between 300 and 500 cards ensures maximum exercise effect. These drinks that irritating to the stomach destroy the normal working mechanism and affect the energy balance of the body.

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