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Domestic Shoe Enterprises Should Not Ignore "Anti Internal Strength" In Dealing With Anti-Dumping.

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Anti Dumping Trade Of Shoe Enterprises

January 18th, "dumping", "


"The word" is frequently seen in the big media.

What is the reason why the European Union and the United States have so many "anti-dumping" against our country?

Economy and trade

Experts, Professor Xue Rongjiu, President of the China WTO Research Association, said that the "anti-dumping" occurred on the one hand because some international organizations and countries had a biased understanding of China's economic system, and on the other hand, they were also concerned with the "anti-dumping".


It is not related to international practice.

"Non market economy country" is a "stumbling block".

Usually, when a country's products are exported to another country at a price below the "normal value" and cause damage to the related industries of the importing country, the country can put forward "anti-dumping" measures.

There are two sets of criteria for the definition of "normal value", which are compared with the price of the domestic market of the exporting country for a market economy country.

For a non market economy country, it means that the country can not decide the price of products according to the market supply and demand. It will find out an alternative country which is equivalent to the level of economic development, and use similar product prices as a yardstick.

Professor Xue Rongjiu said that the European Union and other countries regarded China as a "non market economy country", using Singapore as an alternative country in the "anti dumping" of color TV, while Singapore's labor cost is 20 times that of China, so it is easy to draw the conclusion of dumping and make Chinese Enterprises suffer from unfair injustice.

Under such circumstances, enterprises should actively respond to complaints.

If you don't sue, it's just like losing a right to compete before a sports match.

China's active request to join WTO is to give enterprises an opportunity to appeal.

Of course, we should also pay attention to strategy when responding.

Once, an industry in China formed an alliance and asked a lawyer to respond. The media reported that they were very "united".

Such a lawsuit is indeed huge, but it does not conform to international rules. It is very easy to give people the right handle and misunderstand people as a non market behavior. This is the reason why people finally decide to dump you.

In addition, China's export growth has been rapid and strong in recent years. It is also easy for some countries to attach importance to our export products and protect their national industries.

We should not neglect "practicing internal strength".

Some people think that we can use the experience of trade war between China and South Korea to fight against each other.

Professor Xue believes that this is not a good way to deal with "anti-dumping". Behind the trade friction is the comparison of economic strength between the two countries.

What is more important now is that our enterprises should consider how to "practice internal strength".

In order to occupy the international and domestic market, the individual enterprises in China are fighting price war, and the export order needs to be improved.

Professor Xue stressed that "if enterprises do not improve their technical content, do not improve their service quality, and do not strengthen management, they will only be able to deal with backlog products and occupy domestic and foreign markets through price war, which will not work anywhere."

In the case of China's shoe industry returning to the EU's anti-dumping case, the European Union decided that the price of China's footwear industry was too low, that temporary remedial measures should be adopted, and that the price commitment of Chinese enterprises should be increased and the price was reexported. The shoemaking enterprises agreed very well at that time.

Unexpectedly, after winning the lawsuit, they still fight for the price war in order to earn foreign exchange and compete for the market.

Professor Xue said that China's system needs to be improved and the overall strength of enterprises needs to be strengthened.

Moreover, an important reason for joining WTO is to promote reform by opening up.

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