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"China Market" Consumption Potential Is Stimulated &Nbsp; Domestic Shoe Enterprises Accelerate Industrial Pformation And Upgrading.

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Market Footwear Industry

On January 18th, Italy shoes are famous all over the world, while Milan is popular all over the world with its shoes exhibition. The everlasting charm of supporting the world shoe capital is the changeable fashion.

Even many people show their talents by moving to Milan.


Position, such as Armani, an ambitious provincial tailor, has become a fashionable spiritual mentor and has become the owner of a business empire with an annual yield of 4 billion euros.


The leader of the world.

It is also said that everyone's "fashion plot" has made Italy Milan international shoes exhibition (MICAM), making it become the three major profession in the world.

Shoe show

One of the most influential and influential European exhibitions.

The appeal of MICAM is evident.

The Milan shoe exhibition is held in the two quarter of spring and autumn every year, with more than 30 thousand exhibitors per year. In 2010, there were 40 thousand people, including more than 20 thousand from overseas, 1600 exhibitors, 1000 from Italy and 600 from abroad. They represented more than 30 countries together.

With the theme of quality, design and innovation, Milan international footwear exhibition has successfully created a unique platform for integrating business, charm and communication.

It has gradually become the most important place for footwear manufacturers to open up the European market, master professional information, understand the current international market trends and sign order contracts.

It is not only the stage for Italy SMEs to display "MadeinItaly", but also the vane of the international footwear industry. It is almost the world's top brand to enter the exhibition.

The shoes labeled "MadeinItaly" seem to mean "comfort, elegance and quality". This custom service has been widely promoted at the MICAM shoe exhibition.

MICAM politely refuses Chinese shoes.

In 2007, under the arrangement of China's Consulate General in Milan, Yuan Pu, director of the China foreign cooperation and coordination center of small and medium-sized enterprises, visited the new chairman of the footwear manufacturers association of Italy, Adios Lee.

During the talks, when referring to the possibility of Chinese enterprises participating in the Milan International Footwear Products Fair (MICAM), Mr Adie Li first declined the participation of Chinese enterprises in the exhibition.

And explained that Chinese shoes and most exhibitors are not the same type, so exhibiting is of little significance.

Is it true that "made in China" shoes are not suitable for Milan shoes exhibition?

GOLDENPARTY, the export brand of Dongguan Huahong shoes industry, has been exhibiting MICAM for many times, and has achieved gratifying results. The chief designer of GOLDENPARTY also came from Milan shoe exhibition.

In addition, the brand of Wenzhou red dragonfly has also successfully entered the Milan shoe exhibition by virtue of brand strength and years of efforts, attracting 46 buyers to cooperate with them, which greatly changed the foreign businessmen's view of "made in China".

Red Dragonfly's success in tackling Italy is an exciting news for China's footwear industry. It also makes Chinese shoe companies aware of the pressure.

Because MICAM has refused Chinese or even Asian brands in the past 39 years.



"Made in China" is deeply troubled by internal worries

5 years ago, when a series of trade frictions against anti-dumping and technical barriers touched off export shoe enterprises, the voice of changing the export structure and expanding the domestic market appeared.

Today, the global financial turmoil has led to the shrinking of overseas markets. A series of problems such as exchange rate upgrading, raw materials rising, recruitment difficulties and so on have made the enthusiasm of shoemaking footwear enterprises to fight for domestic sales unprecedented.

However, due to the lack of experience in domestic brand operation and in-depth understanding of domestic channels, export oriented shoe enterprises are unable to turn to domestic sales.

Qi Yaochang, chairman of Dongguan Yisheng shoes industry, reflects that it is very difficult to sell a few pairs of containers and dozens of pairs a day when exporting.

Yin Jiqi, chairman of the footwear industry, said: "we are pushing the market of men's shoes from R & D, sales network and brand packaging, and gradually pition from production to brand."

How to turn from "manufacturing in Dongguan" to "circulation in Dongguan" is the biggest problem they face now.

In fact, a large number of export-oriented shoe companies have been exerting great pressure on domestic brands in the domestic market. This means that apart from "foreign brands", more brands will share their customers' resources and market share with them.

As a result, shoe brand competition will be more diverse and complex, involving channel construction, information control, product development, marketing promotion, resource integration and capital operation.

Consumption leader promotes pformation and upgrading of shoe enterprises

As the largest footwear manufacturing and consuming country in the world, the consumption potential of the Chinese market is being stimulated. China is becoming the "world mineral resource". The Chinese footwear market is also becoming the main battleground for some foreign brands and local brands to participate in international competition.

In 2010, the central economic working conference stressed that the "promotion of consumption and the livelihood of the people" as the main grip, from the source to solve the problem of insufficient consumption, to promote scientific and technological innovation and independent brand construction; in 12th Five-Year, the plan more clearly put forward, efforts to form a new situation in which consumption, investment, and exports promote economic growth.

Experts predict that strong domestic demand will bring new market space to shoe brand, and consumers will pay more attention to brand experience.

In order to seize opportunities, highlight brands and create profits, shoe enterprises must first solve the problem of buying and willing to buy shoes, that is, commodities and channels.

The direction of the change of consumer behavior is the development direction of channel form.

When consumers are moving from rural to county, from county to small and medium-sized cities, from small to medium-sized cities to large cities, the channels are also becoming more and more important. The department stores are expanding at a time of consolidating the market position of the first tier cities, expanding the mainstream business circles of the secondary businesses and emerging cities in the first tier cities, while shoe cities and shoe companies are stepping up the layout of the two or three cities. The large-scale expansion of the retail industry to the footwear industry provides more platform for the display of shoes. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements, accelerating pformation and upgrading, improving research and development level and marketing ability, and growing with the channels, otherwise it will be abandoned.

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