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5 Years Of Game &Nbsp; EU Will Abandon Anti-Dumping Duties On Chinese Shoes.

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Anti Dumping Shoes And Leather Shoes

January 18th hearing China Shoe enterprises anti dumping This marathon lawsuit has made new progress. A few days ago, reporters learned from the Ministry of Commerce and the China Leather Association that the EU will abandon 16.5% anti-dumping duties on leather shoes in China and Vietnam in April this year. AOKANG The appeal that lasted for 5 years will also usher in the dawn of victory.

Wei Yafei, director of shoemaking Office of China Leather Association, told reporters that the European Union of footwear industry (CEC) recently issued a news bulletin on leather shoes re examination. The EU footwear Federation has negotiated with the European Commission and decided to abandon its sunset review of imports of leather shoes from China and Vietnam, which are being implemented and will expire in March 31st, the circular said. This means that the EU shoe Federation's original request for reexamination submitted before the end of December 2010 will be cancelled.

"From the perspective of EU legal procedures, this means that without EU industry complaints, if the European Commission fails to initiate a review, anti-dumping measures against leather shoes in China and Vietnam will be terminated on March 31st this year. This news is undoubtedly the biggest gift for Chinese leather shoes enterprises in the new year. " The Chinese attorney general Pu Ling, who has been acting the case, has interpreted the matter from the perspective of EU law.

Pu Lingchen also said that the European Commission promised to monitor all imported leather shoes to ensure that no new dumping or other unfair actions occurred, thereby avoiding further damage to European industry.

"This favorable result for China's leather shoes enterprises is inseparable from the active coordination of the Ministry of commerce through WTO and the indomitable appeal of Chinese leather shoes enterprises represented by AOKANG." Pu Ling said in an interview with reporters that AOKANG's continued appeal after the defeat of the European Union's early court has played a crucial role in the whole process. He represents the attitude of Chinese enterprises and has issued the voice of Chinese enterprises' justice.

Guangdong and Wenzhou are China's two largest export bases for shoes, and are also among the most injured in the EU's 5 anti-dumping measures. Zhou Shijian, a researcher at the Sino US trade and Economic Relations Research Center at University of International Business and Economics, predicts that after the steel and tires, China's textiles and footwear and household appliances will likely become the "hardest hit" of protectionism in Europe and the United States this year.

In this regard, Wang Zhentao said that in addition to the EU anti-dumping lawsuit "to the end", AOKANG has stepped up its attention to relevant laws and regulations in the United States, and will strengthen its use of international R & D centers. We should enhance the core competitiveness of the industry through technological innovation, promote the cultivation and construction of domestic brands, open up a diversified international market, and optimize the export product mix and industrial layout. This is a way for Chinese shoe enterprises to fundamentally solve the anti-dumping problem.

"Shoe warfare" schedule:

In 2005, the European Commission launched anti-dumping investigations on leather shoes made in China and Vietnam.

In May 2006, the EU imposed a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on leather shoes originating in China, with a period of two years.

After the end of 2008, it entered the sunset review (that is, not to change the measures, only to decide whether to "maintain" or "Cancel"). 7 shoe companies such as Zhejiang AOKANG and Fujian Jian Le were sucked in, and entered the written reply procedure. Zhejiang only AOKANG one.

In December 2009, the European Commission again ruled that the anti-dumping duty would be extended for 15 months until March 2011.

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