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Inventory Of The 2010 Most Attractive Models In The World

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Global Models

Recently, the US Forbes magazine website has released the world's most absorbing model list in 2010. The income statistics are arranged from June 2009 to 2010, according to the annual income of models, advertising and brand endorsement contracts, magazine covers and personal images.

Among them, Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) topped the list. According to the relevant data, diversified models can bring more substantial benefits to them.





Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) $25 million




New York: IMG London: IMG London

Paris: IMG Paris Milan: IMG Milano

Gisele Bundchen, Brazil's supermodel, ranked the top of the list with $25 million in revenue, the fourth most successful model in the world.

Gisele Bundchen's perfect figure has earned her nicknames such as "Brazil's breast beauty girl" and "beauty chest fighter". It has become the new face of Kate Moss instead of T.


On the cover, and continue to win the annual model awards such as VH1 and Vogue.

Gisele Bundchen won the first throne with $33 million in 2009. Although he lost a lot of income in 2010, he successfully delivered her first baby in December 2009. It can be said that career life is two.





Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum) $16 million

Model broker

New York: IMG London: IMG London

Paris: IMG Paris

Milan: D 'management group

Heidi Klum, from Germany, has become popular in the world as a top swimsuit model since she became a swimsuit in the Sports Illustrated, and has been called one of the most beautiful women in the world. (Heidi Klum Sports)

Heidi Klum is "


The Secret Supermodel is also the host of the famous reality show "Project Runway".

Heidi Klum's rankings and earnings remained unchanged, and, like Gisele Bundchen, she was able to give birth to her four child in October last year.

Of course, this does not hinder the diversified development of her models and hosts.






Kate Moss (Kate Moss)

9 million dollars.

Model broker

New York: IMG Paris: Marilyn Agency

London: Storm Model Management

Milan: D 'management group

Kate Moss (Kate Moss), the old supermodel, appears in TOP10 every year.

As the only British model on the list, although there are no such models in the fashion week, the influence of the fashion world can never be simply measured by the show. In the last few seasons, T's hot youthful face has not entered TOP10, which can well illustrate this problem.





Adriaa Lima (Adriana Lima)

7 million 500 thousand dollars.

Model broker

New York: Marilyn Model Mgmt

Paris: Marilyn Agency

After becoming an Advertising Spokesperson for Guess, Adriaa Lima has been invited by many famous fashion magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue to become a cover girl or a thematic blockbuster model.

At the age of 28, she also gave birth to a daughter last year, and she spent less than 2009 months earning 500 thousand dollars in the first half of her pregnancy.






Doutzen Cross (Doutzen Kroes)

6 million dollars.

Model broker

New York: Viva Model Management

Milan: Women Milan London: Viva London

After the debut of the American version of Vogue, Doutzen Cross (Doutzen Kroes) also boarded the cover of the Italy version of Vogue, replacing supermodel Christy Turlington and signing Calvin Klein's "eternal" fragrance endorsement contract.

Its revenues and ranking in 2010 were unchanged from last year.





Dalia Werbowy (Daria Werbowy)

5 million 500 thousand dollars.

Model broker

New York: IMG Paris: IMG Paris

London: IMG London

Milan: IMG Milano

Dalia Werbowy (Daria Werbowy) is another supermodel from Brazil. She already owns more than 24 "Vogue" covers. It is the goddess of Prada (Prada), Eve Szentgrolan (YSL) and GUCCI (GUCCI) and many other designers and brands. It is also the new favorite of Chanel (Chanel).






Natalie Vodianova (Natalia Vodianova) $5 million 500 thousand

Paris: Viva Model Management

Milan: Why Not Model Management

London: Viva London

Natalie Vodianoova (NataliaVodianova) is the second international supermodel on the cover of "Vogue". It is also the only choice for many international brand launches.

Natalie Vodianova is a modern version of Cinderella, ranking and income are flat last year.





Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr)

4 million dollars.

Model broker

New York: IMG Paris: IMG Paris

Sydney: Chic Management

Barcelona: Traffic Models

Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) was the first Australian to sign the "secret of Vitoria", and endorsed Maybelline to make her famous.

Compared to 2009, not only did it earn more than 1 million dollars, it also increased one place.






Caroline Moffet (Carolyn Murphy) $3 million 500 thousand

Model broker

New York: IMG

London: IMG London

Milan: IMG Milano

Japan: Bon Image Corp.

Caroline Moffet (Carolyn Murphy) is the only American on the list. She conquered the fashion world at the age of 36. It is also the longest career life model in the history.

And the blonde is still a favorite model of Estee Lauder, and will become the endorsement of Roberto Cavalli and Anne Klein.





Alexander Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio)

3 million dollars.

Model broker

New York: Elite New York

London: Models 1

Paris: Elite Milan: Elite Milan

Alexander Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) is the famous "Vitoria secret" angel supermodel.

At the age of 14, she stood out in a beauty contest in South Africa and began her modeling career.

Soon after that, she was born with beautiful beauty and industrious diligence. She quickly became a favorite model in the eyes of a designer.

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