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Looking Back At &Nbsp In 2010; Quanzhou Children's Shoes Industry Launched A "Licensing" Campaign.

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Children's Shoes Brand Enterprises

January 19th dispatch 2010

Quanzhou children's shoes

The industry has launched a vigorous "brand building" campaign.

The children's shoes enterprises, which have accumulated a lot of family resources, have invited all kinds of stars to take the role of ambassadors. They have invested in R & D and independent innovation, making the product line a plump system for the integration of shoes and clothing, supporting a large scale that can provide one-stop services.


Terminals; set up points throughout the country, will move orders to the target market.

The role of multi pronged approach is obvious. The children's shoes industry in Quanzhou has achieved important pformation and new leap in this year.


Children's living museum

In 2010, the era of child industrial vassal separatist era, under the background of the big bang of baby products market, chaos and chaos in children's shoes market, children's shoes enterprises have pushed forward the integration process of shoes and clothing, and children's one-stop service has become more and more popular: the first batch of shoes and clothing integrated stores have been appearing in all parts of the country. Kating has launched the 2010 autumn three major clothing series, such as fashion racing, etc. the ABC brand launched the spring and summer clothing series after the integration of children's shoes and children's clothing. The series of the spring and summer costumes in the country have been on the market. The first brand of "campus Chaozhou people" has been launched in Cambridge, and Tutu's children's shoes have officially started Tutu children's wear in spring Ji Xinpin seminar.

Many children's shoes enterprises have launched their children's clothing projects.

With the integration of children's shoes and children's clothing in Fujian children's shoes industry, many brands have made bold attempts in the terminal area.

Not only by hiring designer teams or directly grafting children's wear brands, we vigorously overcome the problems of talent and innovation in the development of children's clothing, but also create various kinds of children's products living rooms through the rich products brought by integration.

The national monopoly system of the leopard brand has introduced the "healthy experience" marketing mode, so that more parents and children can understand and feel the humanized care of the leopard products.

At the end of the year, Katin introduced the monopoly system of Katy junior sportswear, and built the China youth living hall.

Quanzhou Yong Gao sporting goods Co., Ltd. also successfully launched the "Y-16 youth sports hall", developed shoes, clothing, sports equipment, stationery, toys and other integrated products, making it a "post-90s" new generation of life hall.


Million yuan to hire stars

In 2010, Quanzhou children's shoes enterprises used star to help brand building become more and more intense.

Quanzhou Yong Gao sporting goods Co., Ltd. invited Lin Miaoke, an Olympic child star, with 7 digits of heavy gold. Li Yuchun, Liu Xuan, Pan Yang, Ning Danlin and so on are the ambassadors of brands such as POOVE, gang Deng, Cambridge and Shu Deng in many brand promotion activities.

These ambassadors are not entirely children.

Chen Shuqing, Secretary General of the China children's products research center, said that the brand promotion method of Quanzhou children's shoes was mainly promoted by cartoon images a few years ago, and developed to various forms such as stardom and adult.

This is also a manifestation of meeting the diverse needs of the current market.

In the early years, the industry of children's shoes was thin, and it had no interest in the "sudden development" of high priced contract stars, so they had to continue to use the more cohesive way, that is, the "cartoon endorsement" mode.

With the help of the "cartoon endorsement" mode, the children's shoes industry has gradually passed the budding stage, and has begun to develop at the middle and top grade brands.

In recent years, more and more children's shoes enterprises have embarked on the "child star + advertising" independent brand development avenue.

Driven by the star effect, the brand image of children's shoes has been gradually formed, and the brand influence has also been greatly improved.

With the active penetration of children's shoe brands into the youth market in recent years, the image ambassadors that influence the age market can not be completely confined to children's stars. Some stars of youth idol dramas naturally assume a new mission.




Order will move to the target market.

In 2010, Fujian children's shoes brands moved their orders to the target market, making the regional order meeting a competitive weapon for the domestic market and a springboard to enter the national market.

Chen Shuqing, Secretary General of the China children's products research center, said that the early order of children's shoes would be the ordering effect. Inviting agents from all over the country to hold a meeting to study the order, often on dozens of individuals, with a small scale and limited influence, could hardly cover and radiate the regional market and the two tier agents.

Especially for those brands who want to make a difference in the national market, this mode of operation is undoubtedly too late.

Therefore, last year, many children's shoes brands began to adopt various ways to enhance brand influence, and the change of the order form is exactly the way to deal with these children's shoes brands that want to further expand the national market.

The form of regional ordering society, combined with local media reports, is of great help to the regional market through early promotion and later investment.

On the one hand, enterprises can join forces with agents to deepen the regional market, help old customers to rectify and upgrade, so that new customers can understand and even accept the brand of enterprises, and expand the share of the brand in the local market and brand awareness.

On the other hand, enterprises can speed up the channel layout of terminal image stores and terminal team construction, and further promote terminal sales results through field visits.

With this effective ordering method, a large number of children's shoes brands such as ABC, Yong Gao Ren, Xiao Ding Dong, Lu Bao, Yu speed and so on have been promoted. With the regional ordering society being held, their regional market team management, terminal construction, brand publicity and operation capabilities have been improved, and the sample support for other domestic market operations has been provided.


Building children's foot database

The national public welfare project "China children's foot type research database" entered the simulated census stage in 2010. This is the first time in China for children's foot census. The start of this project also means that the production of children's shoes in China will go to the age of data with industry standard testing.

According to the project's director and head, the technical director of the national leather and footwear industry productivity promotion center, Qiu Li, this is the only research in China devoted to the foot type of Chinese children. This project will fill the gaps in our children's foot data and make up for the lack of basic theoretical aspects of the relationship between children's shoes and the last, feet and shoes. It will help improve the comfort, health and overall technological level of children's shoes in China, so as to speed up the standardization, standardization and assembly of children's footwear industry.

Therefore, the establishment of a new type of foot database has gradually become a top priority for China's footwear industry to seize the development opportunities in the new round of market competition.

According to the person in charge of the project undertaking unit, the preparation of the database at present is in addition to the technical support provided by a number of relevant national research institutes and institutions, and has also been actively cooperated and supported by children's shoes enterprises in Quanzhou and Zhejiang.


Work together with intelligence agencies

Last year, some children's shoes enterprises and some universities and research institutions jointly promoted their own foot research projects, and developed their own independent intellectual property rights.

Among them, the key research project of Quanzhou Province, which is based on the establishment of the enterprises in Fujian and the Research Institute of leather and footwear industry of China, is based on the research and development stage of the development and industrialization of the structural health system for children's sports shoes.

The enterprise research center, which has gathered a number of well known industry experts, will jointly study the three parts of the shoe and shoe industry research institute, including the matching system module of shoe and shoe last, the structural design module of shoe parts, and the optimization system module of shoe material.

"The health function of shoes is related to the basic protection for children's feet, such as comfort, shock absorption, skid resistance and balance," said Qiu Li, technical director of the national leather and footwear industry productivity promotion center.

This project will study and design the function of shoes for children's physiological function and movement characteristics.

On the other hand, the enterprise has declared the national patent "the balance, shock absorption and anti slippery children's sole with protective function", which is fully owned by the enterprise.

According to the development and movement characteristics of children, the patent is tested on the shock absorption, plantar pressure and supporting performance of the shoes, and the result is analyzed. The multi index comprehensive evaluation method is used to establish the health evaluation system for shoes.

Through the independent research and development of the national patent and Mingwei shoes and Garments Co., Ltd.

The company has successfully developed the first pair of Chinese children's growth correction shoes, which are children's growth corrective shoes with healthy foot protection function.

In addition, the first phase of the plantar pressure analysis and foot type parameter measurement of the walking of 4-12 year old normal children in China by the Tutu shoes made by the Euramerican dragon group and Beijing Sport University jointly completed in 2010.

This project aims to reveal the plantar pressure distribution characteristics and the mechanism and law of maturity in children at the age of 4-12.




Developing subdivision product standards

In December 2010, the Fujian local standard approval for children's leisure sports shoes was held in Quanzhou.

According to the briefing, the standard was put forward by the relevant departments in January 2010, and it was reported and drafted by layers.

After four consultation seminars, the standard draft was finally formed and submitted to the expert group for examination and approval.

It is understood that the domestic footwear industry in terms of industry standards, children's shoes can be roughly divided into three categories: leather shoes, sandals and sports shoes.

As the scale of children's shoes industry expands year by year, and enterprises are branding, there is an urgent need for a large platform to strengthen information exchange and standardize the development of the industry in the field of children's shoes in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of children's leisure sports shoes manufacturing industry in our Province. Therefore, the local standard of children's shoes industry in Fujian arises at the historic moment.

Taking the lead in formulating industry standards is conducive to the orderly, healthy and rapid development of children's shoes in Fujian Province, and is conducive to further strengthening the self-discipline enterprises in the industry, which is conducive to the sustainable development of children's shoes enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets.

Children's shoes industry is based on reality, so that children's shoes can be produced scientifically and scientifically.

It has undeniable practical significance to improve the overall quality of children's leisure sports shoes in Fujian, the market competitiveness of products and the safety of children's use.


Baojian set up "children's shoes branch"

After six months of preparation, the footwear association of Fujian footwear industry association was set up.

Fu Weijin, chairman of the first children's shoes Association and chairman of Fujian Fick children sporting goods Co., Ltd., said that the establishment of the children's shoes Association is of great significance for the unification of children's footwear industry standards, the establishment of a standardized system for guiding the industry, the establishment of diversified marketing channels and the establishment of provincial industry technology research and development base.

Xie Jiasheng, Secretary General of Fujian Footwear Industry Association Children's shoes branch, said that Fujian children's shoes are in the initial stage of brand creation. They must actively embrace the regional brand.

"Quanzhou has a strong foundation in manufacturing industry, but its business circulation is relatively weak, and it lacks the awareness and action to create a breakthrough."

He said.

Chen Shuqing, Secretary General of the China children's products research center, said that at present, there are three main production bases for children's shoes in China, namely, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and Quanzhou.

From the national three big children's shoes manufacturing base, Wenzhou is the largest middle and low grade children's leather shoes production base in China, while Guangzhou is the production center of high grade children's leather shoes, and Quanzhou is the main base for producing children's sports shoes.

In the process of developing the children's shoes industry in the middle and high-end market, the inherent drawbacks also appear: lack of unified guidance and support, market competition is not standardized, and the awareness of enterprises' law is weak, which seriously restricts the development of children's shoes industry.

Therefore, it is necessary for children's shoes industry to set up a professional and authoritative industry leading body, especially for Quanzhou children's footwear industry with a complete industrial chain.

He believes that the establishment of children's shoes Association has promoted the cohesion of the industry, and the integration era of children's shoes industry has arrived.


Ten brands of children's shoes

The first China children's shoes industry summit held in Quanzhou has named the top ten domestic children's shoes brands in 2010, and the outstanding contribution of the industry to enterprises and individuals.

Yung Gao sporting goods Co., Ltd. from Quanzhou, Fujian, "Yong Gao Ren", Jinjiang Mingwei shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd. "Camel", Fujian Nan Qi shoe industry Co., Ltd.'s "good dog", Fujian province Nanan Gang Deng Shoes Co., Ltd. "Gang Deng", Altman (China) children's Products Co., Ltd. "Altman", Jinjiang Jinwei sporting goods Co., Ltd. "Cary", A Tongmu (Fujian) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. "A Tongmu" and other brands won the "2010 Chinese children's shoes ten brands" awards.

Hou Binghui, chairman of Fujian Nanan Gang Deng shoes industry Co., Ltd. and Yang Yifen, chairman of Fujian provincial foot sports products company, respectively won the honorary title of "outstanding contribution award for children's shoes industry".

In addition, Zhang Congming, chairman of Jinjiang Mingwei shoes and Garments Co., Ltd., the general manager of the front group, was awarded the honorary title of "2010 children's shoes industry annual personage Award" to the remote tiger, the chairman of Dong Zheng shoes and clothing, Lin Zhendong and so on.

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