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Xiao Shenyang Leads His Wife To Beijing, Showing Great Kindness.

2011/1/19 10:16:00 49

Xiao Shenyang Loves Shen Chunyang

Recently, Xiao Shenyang and his wife Shen Chunyang came to Beijing to make a recording of two couples.

Hand in hand

On the stage, big show shows affection.

Two people in the show.

Guess the word

The game is also very tacit understanding, guessing all the subjects, Xiao Shenyang even more with a superb trick put the "cock laying" idiom gesture, the audience laughed, the host Dong Lu also paired with Xiao Shenyang to challenge Shen Chunyang.

Xiao Shenyang was also present for the show.


The song "laughing at the rivers and lakes" shows the excellent singing performance.

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