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Faye Wong Dressed In Black, Leading The Fashion Trend.

2011/1/19 10:26:00 42

Faye Wong Taiwan Comeback

Today, Faye Wong took the CX406 flight to the airport at two o'clock in the afternoon, and the enthusiastic fans arrived at the scene early in the morning. poster Welcome Faye Wong to come. Faye Wong, who had just left the country, was surrounded by many media and fans. The scene was chaotic, which made Faye Wong feel a little surprised. Faye Wong also rarely stopped at the scene to receive media interviews, but he still liked to see the fans. Faye Wong was dressed in black, showing the beauty of his good figure.

Faye Wong, who has sung in Taiwan for 6 years, will perform three concerts in Taipei on Friday. Show meeting Will bring many classics Song She also added new tracks to fans in Taiwan, especially bringing songs that were never sung in Beijing or Shanghai, but this time she only sang and talked, refused to visit, did not celebrate the celebration, and maintained a consistent personal style.

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