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Gigi Leung Dressed Like A Pink Girl.

2011/1/19 10:31:00 92

Gigi Leung Pink Skirt

Gigi Leung (micro-blog) yesterday dressed up in pink dress to attend a press conference on 26 and 27 next month.

Long legged

After 8 years of singing in the red chamber, Gigi feels like going home.

问她会请什么嘉宾,她说:“暂时仍未落实,总之会是电影合作过的人,真的成功请到再公布吧!”谈到其旧爱郑伊健亦会在三月开演唱会,与她开演唱会的时间相近,Gigi表示:“档期是主办商单位安排,其实二月底亦算好,至少有时间彩排,最担心会病,因为之前在长白山好冷,刚回香港见到有变种流感,今日可算是几个月来最性感的一次!”当问到她会否邀请旧爱郑伊健做嘉宾?gigi未有正面响应,只表示:“祝他Good Show!”那么她会否请伊健欣赏个唱?GIGI表示,他应该忙于彩排!对于早年她与伊健在红馆舞台一吻定情,提到相隔多年再踏红馆会否忆起昔日的开心情景。

Gigi said: we will remember the happy scene!

Besides, her earlier


Consular boyfriend Matthew recognized the couple with Gigi before the media.


Gigi still refuses to open her love affair. She said, "it's okay for a boyfriend to answer political questions. He wants to communicate with his private life again, but he will come to support him as a friend."

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