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Quanzhou Children's Shoes Enterprises Start The Marketing Campaign Of "Differentiated Brand"

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Brand Marketing Of Children's Shoes

January 19th, "do you see the potential of children? Do you support your child's courage?" with this slogan, recently, the third "Red Dream" Fick boy star selection contest official.


The website is officially unveiled.

According to the introduction, with the new selection mode and distinct race culture, Fick launched the "Red Dream" Child Star Contest in 2009, which has attracted wide attention from all walks of life.

Compared to the first two sessions, the Fick child star contest, which is about to begin in 2011, has a wider scope and greater publicity.

Coincidentally, Yong Gao said that he will continue to sponsor the "new trend of China sports brand youth model competition", and the early stage planning of the draft is in full swing.

In fact, Fick and Yong Gao are only Quanzhou.

Children's shoes

Brand pioneers are trying to differentiate brand marketing.

Since the beginning of this year, more and more children's shoe brands have joined in the big army of children's stars.

What is the reason why many children's shoes favor the form of children's star selection? From the initial differentiation to the popularity of the future, can children's shoes enterprises harvest the effect they expect?


Guests of this session:



Chen Huaiyu, brand manager of children's products company

Zhang Han, deputy director of the brand of leopard children's products Co., Ltd.

Famous planning expert Hu Baoming

Brand promotion, channel sales

More and more enterprises take child star draft as a differentiated marketing way to open up the market.

But how can this effect be achieved? Can the brand enter the consumer's mind through such activities, thus stimulating the sales of the market?

Chen Huaiyu: as a matter of fact, companies like this kind of interactive activities are hoping to pry open the local market by means of activities.

Usually, there will be a publicity period about three months or so from the start to the end. When we plan such activities, we often match this time with the normal sales season.

During the activity, we will not only display the poster on the terminal shop, but also we will design some MMS and vouchers to distribute them.

In this way, not only can consumers fully understand the idea that Fick brand wants to convey behind the activities itself and activities, but also indirectly drive regional sales volume and gradually establish brand influence.

Zhang Han: at present, the marketing way of children's industry is too single. Therefore, many enterprises do all the activities around the channel investment. Now these enterprises can do some activities related to the terminal stores, naturally, it will have some effect.

In some ways, by launching such activities as child stars, it is a shortcut for brand penetration.

The effect of activities carried out around the end consumer is bound to happen. Now, the pond (children's products industry) is definitely better than others. Especially in the regional market, activities will certainly be beneficial to investment promotion.

Only merchants succeed, open a store and cash in order to revitalize the regional market.

At present, there is a common disadvantage in children's shoes industry: they can not get the real data of terminal retail and market behavior.

Whether it is ordering, selling, or even promoting gambling in experience in brand promotion, is it really paying attention to money, or promoting sales of terminals? Or has promoted local brand awareness? All these are lack of a set of assessment and evaluation system to analyze.



Differentiated marketing

The key is team execution.

As a matter of fact, for a limited promotion fee for children's shoes, a children's audition needs a lot of money to invest. How much can it be worth? How can you make the best of such an activity? What kind of advice do you have?

Zhang Han: first of all, such draft shows should be closely centered on brand positioning.

For example, if leopard wants to do such an activity, it will integrate with our health orientation. This is the grafting element we are looking for.

We assess whether a thing is effective, mainly depends on the location of the enterprise itself, and the demand point for doing so.

If this so-called draft shows meets their needs, it can be said that they are successful.

For example, some brands of children's shoes, which are located in children's entertainment and fashion, may be thought by owners or corresponding planning companies to engage in such activities, which will help to deepen the influence of brands in the consumer group, and may even have an impetus to channel agents and retailers.

But the key is that if there are only a few people inside the company, and those who lack the ability to execute and execute, the activity planning may fall far behind the landing effect.

Hu Baoming: with the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the society has also paid more attention to the growth of the next generation. So the children's products industry has become a blue sea in the field of sports shoes and clothing.

Since 2009, with the massive invasion of foreign children's shoe brands and the continuous enrichment of children's products lines by domestic first-line brands, the children's products industry, which has already been fiercely competitive, has become the key to the development of brand.

If we want to break through successfully, differentiated marketing development is one of the essential elements for an enterprise to succeed.

Looking at the current industry's children's shoes enterprises, in the promotion of brand image is generally adopted to sign a child star or rely on cartoon image endorsement two.

Too much homogeneity of marketing promotion is difficult to win the attention of consumers in today's advertisements, and its promotional effect is often very limited.

The children star draft is indeed an attempt to promote brand image.

But now, they are simply because people in this market do little, so they do it and feel good.

However, in the final implementation of the sale, if it is just a play, no follow-up follow up, or did not combine activities with terminal store sales, then it is nothing but a little bit of eyeball.

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