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Make Short Hair Coloured And Brightly Coloured

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Short Hair Color

Hairstylist takes care of a proposal. This hairstyle can also be sexy and lively.


When modeling, it is best to


After shampoo, use a blower breeze.

Blow dry

You should lower your head and comb your hair to the front.

Finger modeling does not harm hair, curls do not use pulling, finger smearing with some shaping gel, kneading, the effect is more natural.

Short hair itself has a sense of flow, deliberately picking up a few wisps, conforming to the color of skin, fashion and personal characteristics, will make the hair's brightness and profile clear.

Proper hair color can not only highlight individuality, but also make skin tone more white and natural.

After hair dyed, the key of nursing is to avoid fading.

The hair scales of hair are expanded by water absorption, and pigment molecules escape easily.

Sunlight and chlorine can split the pigment molecules into smaller volumes and then scatter.

Usually washing and frequent use of styling will also dissolve pigment molecules on the hair, causing discoloration.

It must be wet cleaned: dry cleaning will cause color loss, so dry hair should be avoided as far as possible after dyeing.

It is best to use shampoo with the lowest alkalis and softness.

Shampoo and conditioner should choose a special dyed product which can stabilize pigment particles and make it not easy to run off. It is different from long hair, and the amount of shampoo and conditioner should be kept as low as possible.

Hair care cream before blowing: the heat of hair dryer will also speed up the decolorization of hair after dyeing, so keep hair dry as little as possible and let hair dry naturally.

If it is necessary to blow the wind, it is best to apply some hair care cream to hair before blowing, so as to maintain the stability of hair color and keep the hair beautiful.

Sunscreen: use sunscreen products.

Before going out, paint the hair with anti ultraviolet effect for hair.

Moisturizing spray for hair during prolonged exposure.

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