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The Quality Inspection Rate Of Xi'an Women's Boots Is 92%.

2011/1/19 10:43:00 56

Women's Boots Sell Leather Shoes.

January 19th, Spring Festival is approaching, and many products are also selling well. Recently, Xi'an Quality Supervision Bureau has sold women's products on the market. Leather boots Supervision and spot checks were conducted.

Women's boots were sampled in 25 batches, and 23 batches were qualified.

Spot check results:

The sample of women's leather boots was sampled from major shopping malls and supermarkets. A total of 25 batches of samples were selected, of which 23 batches were qualified, and the qualified rate of physical objects was 92%. The inspection items for women's leather boots are folding, wear resistant and one-time forming. Sole There are 3 hardness. In this spot check, 2 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified items were all endurance.

According to the introduction, the folding resistance project is not qualified, indicating that the soles are easy to break, or even completely lose the use function. The reason why the folding resistance is not qualified is the low rubber content of the materials selected for soles, resulting in poor bending resistance.

Leather boots for common sense:

Xi'an Quality Supervision Bureau inspectors said that when purchasing leather boots, you should first observe whether there is any defect in the surface and boots, such as whether the paint or laminating layer has the quality problems such as cracking, cracking, loose surface, chromatic aberration, and so on, whether the shoe is smooth or not, whether there is a nail tip or nail tail at the heel, whether the main heel and Baotou are regular, symmetrical and in place, and that the hand pressure should have a certain degree of hardness and should not shrink deformation.

Special attention should be paid when trying on. bootleg Whether there is a sense of falling, whether the height of two boots is basically the same, if there is a significant deviation, indicating that a boot tube cortex is soft and asymmetric, consumers should pay more attention when buying.

Also, put the leather boots on the platform to see if the bandages are straightened, and see whether the heels and forefeet can move at the same time. The front palm should not be suspended. If the forefoot is suspended, it indicates that the heel height does not match the bending degree of the front palm.

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