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Starting From The "Core"

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Hair Conditioner Decompression

Hair is the determinant of healthy or senescent hair. Your hair is dry grass or vigorous spring grass. Now it's mobilized. Sensory organs Make a good judgement. Youthful hair should be joyful and vibrant: it is naturally glossy, supple, easy to carve, not bifurcate, knot, not easy to generate static electricity and break; on the contrary, the withered grass has the following characteristics: the color is biased toward Brown tea; the hair is easy to break, fragile; the texture of the head is rough; lack of luster and elasticity. If it belongs to the latter, then it is urgent to hurry up and carry out all the equipment.

Choose the right hair care products.

Dry hair needs replenishment, preferably with amino acids and other ingredients. Its rich deep moisturizing ingredients can penetrate deeply. Hairy roots Moisturizing the whole hair; if hair has begun to wither, it is best to use products containing Chinese herbal essence, to moisturize thoroughly from inside to outside, effectively prevent hair from getting dull and yellowing. The hair ends are split, cracked, fragile and easy to break. It is better to use special or deep Repair Shampoo products, which can significantly improve damaged hair, prevent forking and restore the vitality of hair.

In addition, different types of hair care products have different effects on the maintenance of hair. They can replenish nutrition and oil, prevent hair from drying and make hair beautiful. Compliance It is easy to comb; it is easy to comb; it is used to repair the surface of damaged hair and repair the fork and tail. The foam hair cream can be mixed with styling Foam Gel to synchronize the hair care and styling. It can soften hair and increase luster, and make the hair smooth and combed. It basically belongs to the outer protective film.

TIPS: washout is like a freshman's hair.

Healthy and moist hair must start with good care. Without the professional steps of hairdressers, only a few key nouns are needed, everything is OK.

Daily makeup remover reduces pressure on hair every day. Shampoo is used to remove dust and grease. It can effectively reduce the chance of split and broken hair and make hair healthy and shiny.

Fine Shampoo

Always follow the right shampoo steps: first, dissolve the dirt that is brushed out with warm water; first rub the foam out and then use it; avoid scratching and rubbing to make the scalp injured and accelerate aging; rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Tender hair

Moisturizing cream can not only make hair soft, but also form a protective film on the surface of the hair to prevent external injury.

Comb oneself

Before shampooing, use natural combed hair to smooth out dirt inside the capillary and scalp on the scalp. At the same time, you can comb out the aged, shedding hair and massage the scalp.

Smart and dry hair

A hair dryer with a hairdryer is selected, which is easy to concentrate air volume, high heat and quick drying. The most suitable distance between hair drier and hair is 10-15 centimeters, not too near; when blowing and finishing, shorten the use time as much as possible.

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