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Makeup Method To Make Eyes Bigger

2011/1/19 10:55:00 116

Eyes Make Up

The make-up method that makes your eyes bigger is used to paint the eyeliner thickely and add thick eyelashes. Now there is another way to make it "let".


The scope of the change is large, and emphasizes that the eyes are clear, and the eyes are enlarged by contrast.

This principle is very popular recently.

Basic new big eye rule:

Use the eyeliner + eyeliner to draw a deep black hidden eyeliner.

Black eyeliner is more effective than eyeliner, and it's not easy to blink.

Draw closer to the root of the eyelash.


The more mucous membranes, the better the eyeliner.


As a whole, the effect of black pupil is very obvious.

First, black eyeliner widen the range of eyes.

Step 1: before using the eyeliner, first on the back of the hand (on the toilet paper, the eye liner is absorbed).

Step 2: fingers lift up the eyelids, clearly see the roots of eyelashes, from eye tail - > eyes > eyes, 2 segments of eye liner.

Step 3: use the black eyeliner to draw the eye liner and lengthen the 1mm at the end of the eye.

Step 4: on the top of the black eye, add a slightly thicker eyeliner with a wide eyed eye to make the eyes look bigger.

Step 5: use cotton swabs to gently turn the eyeliner back and forth, and the eyeliner is more gentle and natural.

Step 6: use a Brown Eyeliner (or Eyeshadow) to draw out the tail 1/3 and make your eyes darker.

Two. Bright eyeshadow and bright outline.

Step 1: use a light colored eye shadow with pearlescent, and brush it at the 1/3 of the lower eye to make the eyes clear and contrast with the black eyeliner. The eyes are more black and white.

Step 2: then the pearl eye shadow is also brushed in the eyebrow bone and eye C-Zone, so that the eye type is more three-dimensional.

Three, mascara brush out tender look.

Step: both the upper and lower eyelashes are painted with black mascara. The black contrast is stronger and the eyes are brighter.

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