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The Boss Loves The 15 Employees Who Fry.

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Workplace Boss

(1) not steady and calm.

Especially as soon as I joined the work.


Fresh people are often caught unprepared for emergencies and often act too impetuosity.

Even more, every time it happens, it gives


Leave the impression of no adjustment.

(2) not mature enough.

We can not judge the work concretely.


It is often unclear what the purpose of the work is to make money, or to establish fame, or for pleasure.

Give the boss a sense of unfairness.

(3) theory and practice are not compatible.

When you need practical operation, you often have many difficulties, but you can't find out why.

(4) brooding over the mistakes made.

Once there is a mistake, we can not forget it, and we can not understand the correct way from it.

(5) haggle over and over, do not distinguish between primary and secondary.

Only focusing on the trivial things at the moment can not grasp the essence through the phenomenon. There are no primary and secondary points.

(6) overestimate one's ability.

Self confidence has a good ability to work, but it is extremely lack of self-confidence in a little bit other than work.

(7) the problem is not rigorous enough and comprehensive.

Making a decision on the rush of work, but changing the schedule, such as today's request for the implementation of the A plan, tomorrow will give priority to the B plan.

(8) can not blend with the surrounding environment.

It is always self executing and can not get along well with colleagues and leaders.

(9) hesitant when things happen.

Things that need to be dealt with alone are often indecisive, and can not be decisive and affect the efficiency of work.

(10) procrastination is not punctual.

When you finish your work regularly, you always find excuses to drag on, fail to fulfill the warranty on time, and fail to improve after several times.

(11) rely on talent and arrogant things.

Since he thinks that he has an incomparable ability in one aspect, he will turn a blind eye to anyone else.

(12) too modest and humble.

In front of everyone, there is a tendency to self depreciate. When we start to shrink from things, we feel that we are dwarfed by leaders.

(13) lacking creativity and following the beaten track.

Work always repeats the same way, lacks the ability of self independent creation, can not produce new.

(14) be opinionated and opinionated.

It is not acceptable to listen to others' advice, self righteous and benign criticism to others.

(15) lack of spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

Good advice is not shared with others, lack of teamwork and teamwork.

If you find that there are more than three cases in your work, then the boss will not be too far away.

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