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Management Philosophy In Stories

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Managing Employees' Enterprises

Whether it is with entrepreneurs or professional managers.


The most talked about is employees.




It is difficult to manage and manage employees. Staff management and motivation are complex things, which sometimes make managers feel confused and even feel headache.

Relax and take a look at the following eight classic stories, perhaps you will be inspired by it.

I. clear division of labour

[story] a young artillery officer took office and inspected his troops, and found that there were a common situation when several troops practiced: in practice, a soldier always stood at the barrel of the cannon and remained motionless.

After questioning, the answer is: drill regulations are stipulated in this way.

Originally, the regulations followed the rules of the era of horse drawn artillery. At that time, the task of soldiers standing under the barrel was to hold the reins of horses, so as to prevent the distance deviation caused by recoil and reduce the time of aiming again after the artillery was launched.

Now the artillery no longer needs this role, but the regulations have not been adjusted in time, and there has been no soldier.

The officer's discovery made him a commendation by the Ministry of national defense.

[analysis] the first task of management is scientific and clear division of labor.

Only if every employee knows his job responsibilities, will he not produce any bad phenomena such as commission and wrangling.

If a company is like a huge machine, every employee is a part. Only if they love and work well, can the company's machine run smoothly.

The company is developing, and managers should make corresponding adjustments to the number of personnel and the division of labor in time according to the actual situation.

Otherwise, there will be no soldiers in the ranks.

If someone in the team is too busy, it will bring not only the loss of wages to the enterprises, but also the psychological imbalance of other personnel, which will eventually lead to a decline in the overall efficiency of the company.

Two, strict standards

[story] a small monk served as a crash bell. After six months, he felt bored.

One day, the host announced that he was chopping wood and carrying water in the backyard because he was not fit for the crash position.

The little monk asked, "am I not on time and not loud?" the old director patiently told him, "though you hit the clock very punctually and loudly, but the bell was empty, weak and uninspiring.

The bell is meant to awaken all the addicted beings. Therefore, the bell strikes is not only loud but also rich, deep and distant.

[analysis] the presiding officer in this story committed a common sense management error. "One day a monk hit the clock" was due to the fact that the host did not announce the working standard in advance.

If the little monk enters the temple, he will understand the standards and importance of the crash clock. I don't think he will be removed from office because of his slow down.

Work standard is the guide and assessment basis for staff behavior.

Lack of working standards often leads to the disunity of the direction of efforts of the staff and the overall development direction of the company, resulting in a lot of waste of manpower and material resources.

Because of lack of reference materials, employees are prone to complacency and work slack for a long time.

Work standards should be worked out as digitally as possible, linked to assessment and attention to operability.

Three, a sound management system.

[story] seven people lived together and drank a barrel of porridge every day. Obviously, porridge was not enough every day.

At first, they drew lots to decide who was going to divide the gruel, one round each day.

So every week, they have only one day to eat, that is the day of their own porridge.

Later they began to elect a moral man to come out.

Power will produce corruption, and everyone will start to try to please him, bribe him, and make the whole small group smoky.

Then we began to form a three member porridge Committee and a four person selection committee. They attacked each other and wring their skin down.

Finally, I want to come up with a way to divide porridge in turn, but people who want to eat porridge must wait until others pick up the last bowl.

In order not to allow themselves to eat the least, everyone will try to get the average, even if it is unfair, it can only be recognized.

From then on, we can live safely.

[analysis] the essence of management is not in "management".


The main responsibility of the manager is to establish a reasonable rule of game, such as "turn the porridge into the porridge, and take the post", so that each employee can manage himself according to the rules of the game.

The rules of the game should take into account the interests and interests of the company and the unity of individual interests and the overall interests of the company.

Responsibilities, rights and interests are the three pillars of management platform.

Without responsibility, the company will produce corruption, and then decline; lack of rights, the implementation of managers will become waste paper; if there is no benefit, employees will be less active and slow down.

Only managers can build the platform of "responsibility, right and profit", and employees can "Eight Immortals cross the sea and show their abilities".

Four, dare to set an example.

[story] in the spring and Autumn period, there was a prison official named Li Li. When he tried a case, he was wronged by his subordinates.

After the truth came out, Li was ready to make atonement for his death. Jin Wen Gong said, "the officials have high and low prices, and there are heavy penalties. Besides, this case is mainly in the following clerks, and it is not your fault.

Li Li said: "I usually did not tell the following people that we should be the official together, and the salary did not share with the people below.

Now I have made a mistake. If I push the responsibility on the staff below, how can I do it? "

He refused to listen to Jin Wen Gong's persuasion and died with his sword.

[analysis] right people are right before oneself, do advance personhood.

Managers must set an example in order to manage their subordinates well.

The power of demonstration is amazing.

We should not only be brave enough to take responsibility for our subordinates like Li Li, but also be strict with ourselves and do what we do not want to do to others.

Once established by the example, the prestige of the staff will be shared with each other and greatly enhance the overall combat effectiveness of the team.

Win the hearts of the people, the world will be respected by the leadership of the subordinates will make the management twice the result with half the effort.

Five, healthy competition

[story] a Forest Park in foreign countries has raised hundreds of sika deer. Although the environment is quiet, the weeds are beautiful, there are no natural enemies. After a few years, the deer group has not developed, but the disease, death and death have appeared negative growth.

Later, they bought a few wolves in the park, and after the wolf catch-up, the deer ran nervously to escape.

As a result, the health of other deer is increasing and the number is increasing rapidly.

[analysis] the running water is not rotten and the door hinge is not worm eaten.

People are born with inertia. If there is no competition, they will become self absorbed.

The competition is to catch up with the wolf of the sika deer, so that the sika deer can always be clear about the position of the wolf and the position of its companion.

The deer in front can get better food, and the last deer will become the food of the wolf.

In accordance with market rules, the "head deer" award is given to "end deer" to be eliminated by the market.

Six, effective communication

[story] Linklater, a famous American presenter, visited a child one day and asked him, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" the child replied innocently, "I want to be the pilot of the plane!" Linklater then asked, "if one day your plane flew over to the Pacific Ocean, all the engines would stall, what would you do?" the child thought, "I will first tell the person sitting on the plane to fasten his seat belt, and then I hang up my parachute and jump out."

When the audience laughed at the scene, Linklater continued to gaze at the child to see if he was a smart guy.

Unexpectedly, the two lines of tears came from the children's eyes, which made Linklater realize that the child's compassion was far from being described by words.

So Linklater asked him, "why do you want to do this?" the child's answer revealed a sincere idea of the child: "I am going to get fuel, and I will come back!"

[analysis] do you really understand your words? Do you habitually interrupt your language with your authority? We often make such a mistake: before our staff can finish talking about their own affairs, they will comment and command according to our experience.

If you are not a leader, will you still do this? Interrupting your language is easy to make one-sided decisions, and on the other hand, employees lack the feeling of being respected.

For a long time, the staff will no longer be interested in giving back real information to their superiors.

When the feedback information system is cut off, the leader becomes a "loner" and becomes a "blind man" in decision-making.

The smooth exchange of information with your staff will make your management like a duck to water, so as to correct mistakes in management and make more practical plans and systems.


Seven, breaking self handicapping.

[story] a man caught a young eagle in the eagle's nest at the top of the mountain. He brought the young eagle home and kept it in a chicken cage.

The young eagle and the chicken peck, play and rest together.

He thought he was a chicken.

The eagle grew up and was full of wings, and the master wanted to train it into falcons. But because of mixing with chickens all day, it had become exactly the same as chicken. There was no desire to fly at all.

The master tried all kinds of methods, but no effect at all. Finally, he took it to the top of the mountain and threw it out.

The eagle fell like a stone, and it flurried its wings desperately, so that it finally flew up.

[analysis] everyone wants to prove his worth by his ability, and his staff is no exception.

It is their greatest respect and support to give them more space to display their talents.

Don't be afraid of their failure, give proper support and guidance, release the eagle in your hands and let them soar in the wider sky.

It is a monkey that gives them mountain toss and turns. It is a dragon that gives them a big river to flutter.

Their growth will bring greater contribution to your work.

Their growth will push you further.

Eight, spur on

[story] when Napoleon went hunting, he saw a drowning boy struggling hard and shouting for help.

The river was not wide enough. Instead of diving to save people, Napoleon put up his shotgun and pointed at the drowning man. He shouted, "if you don't climb up, I'll kill you in the water."

The boy saw nothing more than asking for help. Instead, he added a layer of danger. He struggled harder to save himself and finally went ashore.

[analysis] it is not always important to create a good soft environment for him and help him, rather than making him feel the importance of "Radish". Sometimes, he can not get away from the threat of "big stick".

Occasionally, using your authority to threaten them will stop their negative attitude in time and inspire them to develop their potential.

Conscientious employees are also satisfied, stagnant, depressed and dependent. Appropriate criticism and punishment can help them recognize themselves and stimulate new work morale.

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