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Enterprises Should "Lead" &Nbsp; Employees Should "Guide".

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Employee Leadership

In Enterprises


People often emphasize "leadership" and "leadership".


How to lead? What is leadership? Where does the "strength" of leadership lie? It seems that this is the core of the problem.

Everyone knows the meaning of "collar": collar, head, for example, collar is head, collar collar is also head.

Since he is "leader", he has to do "boss".

What's the matter? - lead the enterprise to a place that has never been before.

A bit more elegant is: one step, one new situation, every year has new development.

It's definitely not going anywhere.

However, looking at the leadership of some enterprises, they are not doing the same thing. They are leading the enterprise to "grinding", starting from zero and returning to zero. Every day, they always turn around the original mill and turn away from the mill forever.

Tang Zeng Xi Tian Jing Jing, though 99 eighty-one difficult, but eventually achieved the true scriptures, followed by his disciples all have become a positive fruit.

But those leaders who wear the millstones every day have been grinding for more than a decade, but in the end, they are exhausted and exhausted.

And the business is like grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, and grinding.

What is worse is that those who follow the leader have not only failed to make any achievements, but also have come to the end of being laid off.

Therefore, I suggest that when leaders are led, they should not join the "collar" and "guide" together, nor should they say "I am the leader", but first think about the meaning of the word "leader". First, think about what you are doing in the enterprise, whether you are endless, or lead the enterprise to a place that you have never been before. Therefore, I say, the enterprise should be "led".

As for "guide", that is the "behind" thing.

For example, if you want to lead an enterprise to a place that you have never been to before, it is not an easy thing to do. Some people are willing to go, some do not want to go; others are actively going, some people are going passively, and even some people will oppose you.

What do you do? You have only "guide".

What is "guide"? First is guidance.

You have to point out a bright road for enterprises and employees. This is what we often call a vision.

At the same time, we must identify a goal that can be realized, perceived and inspiring.

For example, "playing the local tyrant, dividing the fields", has both vision and goals, so as to "arouse millions of workers and peasants and work together with one heart".

We should pay attention to the fact that when leaders are "guiding", they must not give people the opportunity to "give up their hunger".

There is an enterprise that goes public every year, but it doesn't go on year after year.

So we said that the shares were distributed to all of us. As a result, the employees were looking forward to a cool heart.

When leaders were no longer able to flee, enterprises and their owners were swept away by the financial turmoil.

The second is persuasion.

That is to say that we must be sensible and sensible.

We should persuade those who are suspicious, negative or even opposed to go with you to the place that you have never been before.

Sun Wukong did not want to go with Tang monk, but also returned to the flower and fruit hill. However, without the persuasion of Avalokiteshvara and the immortals, he would hardly be able to go to the end in the West.

As a great elder brother, monkey brothers have all been to pig eight quit.

An enterprise is recruiting senior talents every year. However, once the values and management frictions occur, the bosses of the business owners are strong in their own strength, but do not care about the brain drain.

As a result, not only has the recruitment cost been increased, but worse, the top management has changed and a monk has been ordered.

Finally, we should guide.

The instruction here is not to tell employees what to do in a completely sense, but an enterprise management coach.

Through the means and ways of coaching, we can help employees find their minds and self awaken, so as to achieve the potential of developing their potential employees.

Don't teach Bruce Lee Master Shifu like that.

And we should open the door of potential employees through guidance.

In short, as an enterprise leader, we must lead enterprises.


To create a new world, we must guide the employees to develop their potential and develop together with the enterprises.

Only in this way can we truly achieve the goal of "win the same desires" in Sun Tzu's art of war.

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