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Executives Should Be A Spirit.

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Management Of Top Management


senior executive

It has attracted much attention, especially the executives of big companies.

And every big company is trying hard to choose executives. It's a headache.

Executive is a big parent, the biggest parent of a family.

It can be said that far from the bottom of the staff, it can be said to be very close.

Far away, because for employees, changing a senior executive has no effect on him.


It has great influence on him.

And very close, it is because of a change of executive, various benefits, wages and so on will change, that is, the general direction will change.

Some executives will do things in a small way and bow to their parents. As Zhu Geliang, the punishment above the twenty staff should be overlooked. Such executives will be very tired and will also cause subordinates' dependence.

The most important thing is the dependence of the enterprise. Once the executive leaves,


It will be paralyzed, and it will be as lost as a lost soul.

Therefore, executives should be on the "high", just like you holding a flag, the team behind you, your role is to guide the direction, is an example, but also a spirit.

Spirit is important. As the saying goes, the power of example is endless.

And I think it's because of the role of the spirit.

Just as religious people know, that belief is sacred and inviolable. It is a spirit that can lose one's life but not lose faith.

So, real executives don't stay in the company all day, or everything.

The most important thing to do is to come up with your own attitude and direction so that the middle level will be clear and aware, and then let go.

Such executives can not only bring good companies, but also cultivate successors.

As Laozi said, "govern by doing nothing".

This is especially suitable for executives, that is, when you are there, you do not feel the effect of your existence. You seem to have nothing to do with it, but you can make the company run well.

So when you are away, the company still works as usual.

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