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2011 China Yiwu E-Commerce And Online Merchandise Trade Fair

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E-Commerce Online Merchandise Trade Fair

Yiwu Municipal People's government focuses on cultivating brand exhibitions

Sponsor: China Electronic Commerce Association

China Chuang Da International Group Limited by Share Ltd

Support unit: Zhejiang economic and Information Committee

Yiwu Municipal People's Government

Co organizer: Zhejiang Electronic Commerce Association, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association

Shanghai E-Commerce Association Guangdong E-Commerce Association

Jiangsu Internet association Fujian E-Commerce Association

Shandong E-Commerce Association Xiamen Electronic Commerce Association

Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association Jiaxing Electronic Commerce Association

Yiwu Jiangdong Street E-Commerce Association, Yiwu Association of network merchants

Organizer: Yiwu Xiang Da Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Scale of exhibition: 800 international standard booths (exhibition area: 18000 square meters)

Expected buyers: 50000 persons (overseas purchasers: 3000 persons)

Exhibition background

E-commerce is a booming industry in China.

According to China Internet Information Center, after 15 years of development, as of 2009, the number of Internet users in China is close to 400 million.

There are 2 million 600 thousand Taobao sellers and 500 billion yuan net goods market nationwide.

With the financial crisis sweeping across the globe, the foreign trade situation is not optimistic, and the cost of enterprises is rising continuously, the state has actively put forward further expanding domestic demand and opening up a wide and diversified market channel for domestic demand. The e-commerce business mode has ushered in a rare development opportunity and has been developing rapidly, and more and more enterprises are stepping into the e-commerce channel.

What are the advantages of participating in the Yiwu online merchandise trade fair?

1, unique market advantages:

Yiwu is the largest small commodity circulation center and procurement base in the world. Its market operation area is 4 million square meters and more than 6.2 shops.


There are about 1700000 species. It is the most important network commodity supply base in China.

Like Taobao, more than 60% of the net goods patted by businessmen are from Yiwu.

At present, Yiwu is declaring the "experimental demonstration area of e-commerce" to the relevant state departments.

2, booming network

merchandise trade


In 2009, Yiwu's net merchandise trade turnover amounted to nearly 30 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over the previous year, accounting for 13% of the visible market in Yiwu, with a turnover of more than ten million yuan, with a total number of 10 and more than one million yuan.

At present, there are at least more than 100 thousand Internet traders in Yiwu and surrounding areas.

Enterprises participate in the "net goods meeting", hundreds of thousands of Internet dealers and professional buyers will purchase, and face to face contact with a large number of business alliance organizations and Taobao top sellers, can help exhibitors to find network agents directly and quickly.

3, huge domestic and foreign purchasers' advantages:

The Yiwu market has an average daily passenger volume of 200 thousand passengers, and it has been stationed overseas from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.


More than 13000 companies registered in Yiwu had more than 1000 overseas enterprises, and exported more than 40 million standard containers annually.

8 of the top 20 shipping companies in the world have set up offices in Yiwu.

4. The activities of the same period are wonderful.

During the exhibition, we will hold interactive activities such as China Internet merchants' online goods conference, online creative products selection and special seminars.

We will invite leaders from relevant government departments, distinguished scholars from China and well-known e-commerce entrepreneurs to attend the conference. We invite hundreds of well-known media at home and abroad to conduct a full range of reports, which can further enhance the visibility and visibility of participating products and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

And fully understand the most direct needs of consumers, which is conducive to product development and market demand.

Exhibition scope

1, network commodity trading exhibition area: clothing shoes and hats, home decoration, crafts and gifts, cosmetic, jewelry, electronic consumption, stylistic articles, mother and baby products, toys, packaged food

2, e-commerce enterprises, national e-commerce demonstration cities, overseas e-commerce enterprises exhibition area

3, e-commerce services business exhibition area: logistics and express services, banking, finance and accounting services, computers and related equipment, business application software, network and telecommunications operation equipment and services, quality and safety certification services, network marketing and advertising.

1, effective cooperation with relevant associations and well-known e-commerce websites at home and abroad, making full use of the advantages of the national and provincial e-commerce associations and well-known e-commerce website members.

Send e-mail, QQ, fax and mail tickets to members.

In other forms, we invite them to visit and purchase, and publish exhibition information on well-known websites to conduct a full range of network publicity for the exhibition.


2, through mass media and outdoor advertising: such as Asian business satellite TV, Shanghai Oriental TV, Zhejiang TV, Jinhua TV, Yiwu TV, Yiwu business daily, Zhejiang central new newspaper, office buildings, hotel building advertisements, outdoor billboards, railway stations and passenger station light box advertising, bus station light box advertising and so on.

3, the organizing committee specially set up the propaganda and investment department. Through e-mail, telephone, letter, short message, fax, etc., we collect the information of network operators in Yiwu and the surrounding 100 thousand network operators and the developed regions of domestic related industries, and set up a huge database of professional customers and suppliers, and print 300 thousand tickets.

4, the organizing committee will cooperate with the chamber of Commerce in Yiwu, including the Korean Chamber of Commerce, the Korean Chamber of Commerce, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce, the German Trade Association and other dozens of countries and regions, and invite their member enterprises to attend the meeting. At the same time, they will also be invited to contact the buyers from various countries in Yiwu.

Please refer to the Organizing Committee of the conference:

Address: two floor, 386 Zong Ze Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang.

Contact: Deng Bin [0579-89952007]

Tel: 086-13867907710 15825772606

QQ:1066385388 mailbox: xdzl_yw001@126.com



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