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ZARA Clothing Suspected Of Price Fraud &Nbsp; Price 79 Yuan, Closing 139 Yuan.

2011/3/15 16:30:00 150

ZARA Clothing Price Tag


Mr. Zhang's shopping receipts and merchandise labels

Recently, Mr. Zhang of Shanghai residents said that he was in the evening of March 12th.

ZARA brand

Jiajie international store encountered "price cheating" when buying clothes. The price tag was 79 yuan / piece, but it turned out to be 139 yuan / piece at checkout.

According to Mr. Zhang, on the night of March 12th, he and his wife were in the 1689 ZARA brand Jiajie international store in North Sichuan Road.


When you look at a man's sweater, the price tag on clothing is 79 yuan.

However, when he paid by credit card, he found that the original 79 yuan goods actually turned 139 yuan.

Mr. Zhang then insisted on the negotiation with the person in charge of the shop.


The price is 139 yuan. As for the label of 79 yuan, the shop owner is not clear.

In the morning of March 14th, we found the ZARA brand Zhangdian Jiajie international store to verify the situation.

She said she was not aware of the matter and needed investigation and verification before giving a reply.

She also said that there was no similar situation in the store before, and the price of the product was unified by the company.

When asked if the cashier found any abnormal labels and reminded consumers in time, the Zhangdian general replied, "the shop will investigate the matter and deal with it properly."

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