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Three Golden Keys To Open The Door Of Interpersonal Relationship

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Interpersonal Relationship Workplace Marketing

Everyone knows that human connections are the pulse of money, and others say that seeing people moving is seeing people moving.

Anyway, the ancients also said one more friend.

According to Westerners, your future success depends on how many good friends you have. Your current income is the average of your best five friends.

I think there is some truth in these words.

All the work that requires good customer relations, especially


Work, networking is the most important thing, because the first part of sales is to recognize your customers, imagine that you are doing one million of the business, but you can not dress neatly, looks like a beggar, customers can not believe that you have a strong behind.



In any case, your achievements are closely related to how many successful friends you have, so how to do well in interpersonal relationships is so important.

I divide the process of making friends into three parts. Just like human walking is divided into crawling, walking and running. Every stage should pay attention to different ways, and interpersonal relationships are also the same. The first step is to teach us how to know more friends, the second step is to teach us how to understand and then to increase understanding, and the third step to teach us to cooperate and win together.

Now I will talk about these three points.

First step, how to know more friends


We must seize the opportunity.

How to start making friends with others is just like talking about love.

There are several ways to share with others:

1. initiative and courage, what is initiative? When you need to see the person you like, you will take the initiative to chat up. We want to make friends in our life than two categories. One is what we like, the other is what we do not like. We like it because he can share happiness with us. The people we dislike are making friends with him because he can help you at a critical moment, that is, he is very useful to you.

Well, whether you like it or not, you must have an active attitude to make friends. This is a very good thing for westerners to introduce themselves and tell their careers, names and hobbies.

Looking for common ground, if you feel shame, you should be practicing courage for yourself. Even if you fail, you will not lose anything. If you fail to make friends, you may never have any crossover in your life. But if you become a good friend, I think it is good for both sides in life and career. Isn't that so? Since you can't lose anything, then take the initiative to fight for it.

There are always people who tell me why I have to take the initiative. In today's twenty-first Century, don't always talk about such a silly question. Why can't you make progress? Always wait until others make progress and let everyone overtake you. People who sit there or stand foolish do not have friends or opportunities, and believe that opportunities must belong to those who are ready at any time.

2. see the first side, don't talk too much.


A lot of people don't understand. They always see the first time.


People know that the first opportunity to see each other as a friend is really very rare. And the first time they know friends, they often can't say a few words, so there are several points to note. Don't talk too deeply about the problem. If you want to sell products with others, if you don't have absolute assurance, make friends first. Many people are wrong. They just talk about products, such as insurance, and frighten others away. It's like meeting people for the first time asking people about their age, income, or more direct proposal.

We must understand what is our aim at each stage. The first point of understanding is to leave a good impression on the other side, right?

3. what kind of good impression do you leave behind? First, you are not a quick success and instant benefit. If you are friends, you will be afraid of needing sticky people. If you really want to sell your product to each other, just like falling in love, I think it is still natural to fall in love with you at first sight, but it is rare because it is rare.

The second is that you are an optimistic person. Everyone doesn't like dealing with other's emotional rubbish. So don't see everyone pour bitter water and talk about revolutionary family history.

No one is interested in your pain. If you say this one, it will take a long time for others to insist on listening to you, but you are too embarrassed to refuse. After listening, it will take a long time for others to adjust their mood and state.

Everyone likes people who can bring happiness to themselves, rather than people who are unhappy all day.

Third, you are a helpful person. First time you meet, try hard to observe and discover, and find out what aspects you can help each other. I will focus on the second step. In short, you need to let the other person feel that helping people is a natural instinct for you to integrate into your character, so that the other side can easily think that you may help him in the future. You help people because of instinct rather than purposeful.

The second step is to start dating.

Using this word to make friends, I think it is easier to understand, but just being in love is opposite sex and making friends.

If a new friend first meets, he or she will start to spend some time and energy in life or work.

Because most of the people you know are not likely to fall in love with you, nor can they be helpful to your work immediately.

I have summarized several methods, I think in the process of in-depth understanding and interaction, we will have some inspiration and help for everyone.

1., try to create opportunities to help each other and help yourself.

This is the core theory of gold in this article. Many people do not understand why they need to help themselves. Most of us know a friend, when we greet each other, or take a business card, this person is either in our cell phone or in the drawer, sleeping in the drawer.

So, my way is to let the other side help you once, or once you help each other. I believe everyone has seen the movie. When a man sees a beautiful girl and can not know it normally, he will create difficulties and dangers, and make a hero save the beautiful thing.

This is the same thing. If you can help the other person to help you, you can owe each other a favor. If you can help each other, then the other person will owe you one.

Let's take an analogy. If you have ten friends, everyone is out in the field. By accident, you must remember that the one who owes you money or the money you owe him is just the same thing between people. No one will remember anyone if he does not owe each other.

And you see, no one who has helped us will have a chance to help me, because Chinese people are sentimental and no one wants to be in debt.

This is just like the fact that if you get married, the other party's gift money is five hundred. If the other party gets married, you will not give less than five hundred of the gift.

In other words, when I help someone again, when I have to find another person, is there a more adequate and appropriate reason, because I want to return this favor to you, you can't refuse me to finish my wish.


How can we create this kind of help opportunity? Here is a principle. If you want the other party to do a favor for you, then it must be for you. It doesn't matter if your partner can't help you, so your mind will be more open. You will not be too interested in gains or losses. No matter whether the other side answers or not, you will be very cultivated and not angry.

Because the matter is too important, the other party may not be able to make it, and it is very stressful.

On the other hand, if you want the other person to help you, it must be easy for the other party to raise your hands at any cost.

This kind of thing is very much, let the other side give you what kind of phone call, let the other side turn the post, let the other party see what articles give advice.

It's simple, but it doesn't seem too retarded.

Let the other person feel the value and importance of himself in his help.

All my friends, if there is no contact for more than half a year, I will create this opportunity, either help each other, or let others help themselves.

It's all about doing nothing.

Because you are not in the same city, or do different jobs, and do not live together, you can not always have so much time together, but friends often do not contact, one day you may forget.

2. business card management

There is an article in my blog about how to manage business cards. Here is not going to talk about it. The most important thing is that every time you receive a business card, you must do a good job of registering, registering, sub registering, registering, ensuring that you can find it next time you want to use it. Next is to remember the scene and location of the first meeting with the other side of the card, and what important words the other side has said.

So every time you think of this person, you have a picture in your mind immediately. If you can't find a word, repeat the sentence you wrote. For example, the last time the other side said that the child would not learn, you could say on the phone, Liu Jie, what happened to your last child's learning.

I think the other party will be very moved, because a person who has never known each other can see his face first and care about his family. No one will refuse this deep love and care.

Do you need to add one point to your relationship?

3. strive to create value that others are using.

This is the most important sentence I talked to my employees in the company. Before talking about the topic, Mr. Zhang Jingui, Taiwan's famous mouth, has made a millionaire through his own efforts. At the age of thirty, he has become a millionaire. Chinese people like to return to their hometown. Mr. Zhang bought his new Mercedes Benz to return to his hometown. He was filled with joy and waited for everyone to congratulate him. But who knew that he was bitten by a dog when he got off the car. He asked his brother why he was so rich. He was also bitten by a dog. His brother said lightly that the dog was not familiar with you. Two, maybe you are of little value to him.

Many people are always afraid of being used, so they are careful everywhere and pretend to be smart. They are everywhere defended. They look like a coat of armor.

I want to say that the real fear of life is not being used by others, but no one is willing to use you.

Because only if you are valuable, will you be used by others.

If you are a beggar, I believe no one will take advantage of you.

Because you have no value.

It can't help anyone else.

Being used and being deceived are two different things. Being used, I understand that you have helped others, but others have failed to repay you or not.

Being cheated is the problem of intelligence quotient. Your experience and ability level is too low, so you are deceived.

Don't mix it up.

A successful person must have done many things that others did not want to do before he could win the opportunity that others did not have.

Only if you have the ability to help others, can you reflect your value, which has nothing to do with how much money you have. Just like Xiao Shenyang said in the Spring Festival evening's short essay, the biggest tragedy in life is that life has not been spent.

Money is not a coffin.

Striving to create value that others are using is to find a need for help from the other person. There are two special reasons for this. First, it is not too difficult. Two, for you, you may be doing nothing, nor lose anything.


But if I were you, I would rush to do it, because for a successful person, this is a great opportunity, because no matter whether you help or not, there will be one person who will solve this problem. It is only who will help and may not be able to give you anything now. But if you have time and energy, why not be used once, this time you use someone else, next time you will not be used by others?

I'm afraid you don't have anything worth using.

Third steps, win-win cooperation

I am a professional lecturer, so the profession is doomed to cooperate with many training institutions and cooperate with the organization. I often say so. At the beginning, mutual understanding is depended on the sincerity of being a human being, first of all, and then doing things. It takes courage and courage to start cooperation. Because we all do not know what the other side's strength is, how long it will depend on your strength, and your satisfaction is high.

Making friends is the same thing. If I talk about a cooperation with a friend today, you have to make clear three questions. First, are you useful to each other? What value do you create for the other party? Second, what do you want to add to your cooperation? Third, what can the other party bring to you? If you don't know what you can bring to your partner, please don't open your mouth and listen to him.

Because if you can't bring value to each other, your existence will be of no value, and there will be no cooperation.

When you make friends, you must have a win-win situation, and you must consider the interests of the other side. I remember listening to a speech by Yu Minhong in New Oriental School. When they said that when they started to make a big New Oriental, one of their roommates would like to join. But we all agreed against each other. Why are classmates? Everyone will agree with each other. Because this classmate once went home to get six apples, everyone thought he had six people in the dormitory, but the student was in Beijing. His practice was seven days a week, one day a week, and one weekend.

People who do not know how to share their interests will naturally not be accepted.

Everyone knows what this truth is. I like to see Mr. Li Jiacheng's autobiography. I believe you all know that Mr. Li Jiacheng's greatest strength is that no one else learns, he makes his partners earn more than himself.

So next time everyone thinks of what he has earned, he will think of him at once. So he has more chances than others. Many people like to do things in the extreme, and do it once and for all. Just like a black shop, this time you come in and kill you for a knife, three hundred yuan. Next time you do not come again, it will not matter.

In the process of making friends, first think of each other, then think of yourself and how to cooperate with others. First, find out what kind of value you have for the other person. First, cooperation must make each other happy. Even if you lose a little, it is very reasonable to remember that loss is a blessing. It will be very reasonable for others to remember you. If you lose your money, you will not eat alone. If you have meat to eat, others will certainly have soup. If anything is cheap, people will instinctively refuse to interact with him, because thinking of you will feel fear, just like a person can never make others happy. Win win means

In fact, in my opinion, the most important thing in interpersonal relationships is the problem of mentality. Attitude decides destiny. Interpersonal relationship can not be bought as a hammer. It is like a marriage. It is like a marriage. If you hold such a mentality, you will treat each other as friends and relatives. The other party will also wish you the best friend, and you will benefit the other party, and the other party will surely bring you money. This is the golden key to open the wealth of life.

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