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German Textile And Garment Enterprises In Germany Seek Cooperation In China

2011/5/10 9:41:00 59

German Garment Enterprises Cooperation

"China International" held shortly ago. Clothing and accessories On the "Expo", the first group was held in Kempinski Hotel and held in Kempinski Hotel. Latest fashion Xiu.

According to the insiders, "China International Apparel and accessories" exposition "For North Wei state textile and garment enterprises set up a platform to enter the Chinese market. Chen Dapeng, vice president of the China Fashion Association, said: "I am glad to see that there is a new fashion link between Beijing and North Weizhou. The exhibition in North Wei state has a catalytic role in promoting close cooperation between China and North Weizhou in the fashion industry and textile industry."

Hua Wei, director of investment promotion in North China, believes that "China enterprise And manufacturers want to make their brands even more. Marketization And internationalization. The North Wei state is the first choice and the ideal location for enterprises in Western Europe.

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