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"Fast Strategy" Of Market Oriented "Sporting Goods"

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Sporting Goods Market

Accompanied by sporting goods market Blowout, the local movement represented by Jinjiang brand. brand It has been developing rapidly. Not long ago, sports brand Guirenniao In Jinjiang, Fujian, the 2011 winter new product order meeting was held. More than 3000 agents and distributors from different parts of China witnessed the surprise and shock of the new season's products. The noble bird also announced the official launch of the company's development in the next 3 years. Quick strategy "And Agent , Distributor Jointly expand the larger market space.

   Extend brand connotation "happiness"

As a good bird to build the first brand of Chinese sports, optimizing the user experience is the core work to implement the brand concept of "sports happiness". The information of this order shows that in the last two years, the bird has received good market feedback with the perfect product sequence and the terminal image innovation as the breakthrough point.

"This order will showcase six categories of sports equipment, such as network running class, comprehensive training class, life class, city class and accessories class. The product has a strong sense of seriality and sense of vision. The new product pays more attention to lifestyle and fashion as well as the organic unity of colors, styles and fabrics. It fully displays the professional sports attribute, happy design style and fashionable product concept of many people, and a lot of products have innovation in terms of functionality, technology and content. Chen Zongrong, director of the research and development center of the shoe industry.

"This winter new product has fully absorbed the design achievements of the international frontier in the design, and at the same time, has taken the utmost care of the physical conditions and aesthetic taste of the local consumers. In addition to the brand characteristics of "sports happiness", the new winter products of the great bird also incorporate elements such as low carbon, science fiction, bionic, retro, minimalism and so on. They are better than the past products in terms of product details and overall comfort experience.

In addition to improving the quality of products, the company has been committed to docking the store environment with its brand philosophy. It not only allows consumers to enjoy the "happy experience" when they use the product, but also enables them to enjoy a happy shopping experience through the terminal store environment. To this end, the noble bird launched the "ninth generation image store" last year. It interprets the brand concept of "sports happiness" with the concept of environmental protection and green, and extends the brand connotation naturally, so that consumers can enjoy enjoyable experience while enjoying quality products.

The quality of terminal salesmen is an important factor in determining consumers' purchase experience. In order to improve the quality of terminal salesmen, the "happy angel" program is being vigorously implemented by trainer, which enables terminal salespeople to have more communication skills and professional sports literacy through training. The VIP bird hopes that the trainer will become an angel to spread the spirit of "sports happiness" and create a happy, professional, healthy and relaxed sports atmosphere for the store and convey it to the consumers. You believe that this will further enhance the purchase experience of the users, so that consumers can truly feel "sports and happiness".

   Start the "fast strategy" with the market orientation

With the untiring "demanding" of user experience, the great bird made great breakthroughs in channel development and single store efficiency management in 2010. The brand influence was rapidly promoted, more than 1000 new stores were opened, and business growth in many regions was as high as 100%. Some single franchisees even owned more than 20 franchises. As a result of the overall performance outstanding, in 2011, the bird invested about 70000000 yuan to reward the regional branch, the highest bonus was more than 13 million yuan.

In order to achieve more than 40% growth in sales of expensive birds in 2011, you launched a fast strategy based on fast, fast attack, happy and fast strategy, quick thinking, fast company, and detailed planning and deployment from brand, product and channel level.

In terms of infrastructure construction, the first phase project of the 160 thousand bird's nest Industrial Park has been basically completed. In 2011, with the completion of the two phase of supporting works, the noble bird Industrial Park will be put into use. This means that on the existing basis, the production area of the birds will expand by 1.5 times. You will also add 6 advanced production lines, and the annual production capacity will increase to 20 million pairs.

You will also vigorously develop brand building with your own media resources and sports resources, continue to increase advertising in CCTV5, optimize the use of Hunan satellite TV super stage advertising resources, consolidate its strong position in the field of television media. At the same time, you plan to sign sports stars to develop regional sports marketing activities, so that more sports fans can experience "sports happiness", interact with and interact with consumers, and enhance the brand awareness of consumers in the regional market.

In addition to increasing the intensity of media and sports resources, the birds will also strengthen channel construction. On the basis of strengthening team building, retail training and improving the efficiency of single store, the birds will focus on implementing the "display combination + ordering guidelines" mode, and make scientific management of ordering, sales of goods and display of daily goods. In addition, you will also implement regional multi store strategy: take the core business circle to set up big stores as the driving force, set up brand card stores and single store follow-up stores in different regions, and achieve the established market development goals through channel incentive policies.

Lin Tianfu, chairman of the noble bird, said that the order will achieve more than expected results, which fully shows that dealers are full of confidence in the birds. 2011 is the beginning of China's twelfth five year plan, and also the year when the "quick strategy" starts. The birds will seriously sum up experience, conduct competitive situation analysis and Research on the development trend of the industry market, vigorously carry out the construction of terminal specifications, step up the transformation of the ninth generation of image shop, upgrade the brand image, and strive to achieve the strategic goal of "four line contention, first, third tier entry into the third tier and second tier five" in the next 3 years.

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