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The Price Difference Of The Same Shoes Is About 100 Yuan &Nbsp, And The Market Is "Dark Folded".

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The difference between the same shoes is about 100 yuan.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited several big East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street in Shanghai.


Found that the original "full", "full delivery" and discount sales logo have disappeared, and have marked the real price.

But it is worth noting that


The "real price" of the same goods in different shopping malls is not the same.



A product named 3SD05.

Women's Shoes

For example, the sales price of a shopping mall in the east of the pedestrian street is 591 yuan, while the shopping mall in the middle of the pedestrian street sells for 644 yuan, while in a shopping mall in the western part of the pedestrian street, the salesperson inquires the price list after telling the reporter that the selling price is 568 yuan, which means that the highest price difference with the brand of the same shoe in different commercial venues is eighty yuan.

When the reporter inquired about the original price of women's shoes and made a few discount, many salesmen in the mall said, "our shoes are now sold according to the discount price, unlike the old price, but now there is no original price."

Ms. Zhang, who is looking for women's shoes in the new world city, said: Recently, there are no discount sales promotions. The price of shoes has obviously dropped. The original pair of spring shoes are priced at 1000 yuan. Now they are 300 yuan, 400 yuan, 500 yuan, and are even cheaper than the new sandals.

Because there is no reference to the original price, do not know how much discount, also increased the difficulty of goods than three.

"Originally, in some shopping forums, you can see that this store has a full 298 yuan reduction of 150 yuan, or a family full of 199 yuan minus 100 yuan. You can calculate your original price according to the original price of your shoes, instead of running to the cheapest one, but now, like buying vegetables, you must have goods three."

Ms. Zhang said.

Some shopping malls "dark fold" not clearly marked price.

In the course of the interview, we found that although many shopping malls have adopted the marked price, there are still sales prices of shopping malls in full accordance with the sales staff's verbal promise discount.

Reporters in Nanjing East Road Po Daxiang pretended young mothers to buy clothes for their babies, and found that many of them could bargain.

At BOOFOOWOO store on the two floor of a shopping mall, the price of a child vest is 428 yuan. When a reporter asks if it can be cheaper, the salesperson says he can play ten percent off.

In the case of another brand KP's container, the reporter looked at a lattice skirt priced at 528 yuan. "How can it be so expensive now?" after the reporter's inquiry, the salesperson immediately said that he could play 40 percent off. "Then the white T-shirt on the side also hit 40 percent off?" the reporter pointed to a girl's T-shirt on the side, and the salesperson said that, because this year's new product, it could only be "300 yuan reduction of 60 yuan". When the reporter questioned why the sales promotion sign could not be seen but could be discounted, the sales staff did not make a clear answer. "According to the different number of goods, our salespeople know that they should know how much discount they should take."

A shopping mall Planning Department of Nanjing road said that although most of the shopping malls had been promoted for more than 7 days from May 1, most shopping malls remained "no action" and did not engage in large-scale sales promotion or "code promotion".

"According to the provisions of the NDRC, the original price refers to the lowest paction price of the paction notes that the operator has traded in the trading place seven days before the price reduction; if there is no paction price in the first seven days, the original price of the paction will be taken as the original price before the price reduction."

The industry said, "if the last promotional item is 50 percent off, and after the end of the event, there is no sales record for the product. The original price is calculated according to the price of the previous activity 50 percent off. For example, if the next activity is 30 percent off, higher than 50 percent off, the price is illegal."

The person said that if the mall had to engage in promotional activities, it was necessary to wait until all the items were recorded after the end of the activity, which would prolong the so-called "7 day" period.



The price department asks the shopping mall to mark the price clearly

For different shopping malls, the price of the same brand is different. The relevant person in charge of the Inspection Bureau of Huangpu District Price Bureau says that commodity prices are priced independently by enterprises and shopping malls, and the market economy has completely adopted the policy of price liberalization, which is also the right of autonomy given to the merchants by the price law.

Professor Luo Peixin of the school of economics, East China University of political science and law, also said that different shopping malls have different pricing for the same commodity. "There are many factors affecting pricing, including rent, shopping malls' services, positioning, after-sale maintenance and so on. As long as the price gap is not unreasonable, there is no problem."

As for the phenomenon of "dark fold" in Daxiang, the price bureau said that the shopping centres all demanded a marked price tag to eliminate all "dark fold" behavior, once a similar report would be traced to the end.

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