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Quanzhou Develops Market, Wins &Nbsp Development, And Develops Rapidly To Taiwan.

2011/5/12 9:59:00 74

Quanzhou Market Sales

Yesterday, reporters from Quanzhou immigration.

Inspection and quarantine

The Bureau was informed that from 1 to April this year, the Bureau inspected footwear products sold to Taiwan for $1 million 520 thousand, an increase of 50.4% compared with the same period last year, Quanzhou.

Footwear products

The volume of pmission has been increasing rapidly. Taiwan has become a lot of Quanzhou.

Shoe enterprises

A potential market worthy of deep ploughing in the eyes.

"There are more than ten enterprises in Quanzhou, which have trade with Taiwan, including more than ten enterprises such as Lian Tai, Rong Xin and Ji you. These enterprises are mainly selling OEM shoes to Taiwan. With the improvement of business market and brand awareness, the export volume of Quanzhou's own brand sports shoes has also risen.

Quanzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau responsible person said that, in May last year in Taiwan, after opening the first store in west gate, less than a year, XTEP's number of stores in Taiwan has increased to 4.

The PEAK shoe industry also registered its own brand "PEAK" in Taiwan. In the first quarter of this year, PEAK's footwear products exported to Taiwan amounted to $151 thousand and 200.

According to the analysis of the industry, from the perspective of market expansion, Taiwan and Hongkong are all strong "launching stations". In such a launching station, enterprises can well radiate into the surrounding areas, such as the Asian and Middle East markets.

Lin, manager of a foreign trade company in Quanzhou, who has worked with many businessmen in Taiwan for many years, said that the first shoe and garment enterprises in Quanzhou, with their own brands entering the Taiwan market, could take the form of agents or franchisees. Taiwan agents or franchisees would choose the style and design of their products according to the habits and preferences of local consumers when buying goods, which is beneficial to the rapid opening of Quanzhou brands in Taiwan market.

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