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Hundreds Of Sewing Masters Gather In The Skills Of The Lions.

2011/5/12 10:00:00 56

Sewed Up Stone Lions

Yesterday morning, the second national standard cup. Sewing machine Industry vocational skills competition (Fujian Division) in Shishi Clothing City Liu Dewang, vice mayor of the municipal government and Huang Zhanghuang, vice chairman of the Fujian Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference attended the event.

Liu Dewang represented the municipal government on the National Sewing machinery industry vocational skills competition. stone lion Warm congratulations. He said that the selection of professional skills competition in the sewing machinery industry will be held in Shishi, which will further promote the upgrading of Shishi industry. Especially in the two major fields of leisure men's clothing and sports goods, we hope that the participants will compete in the style and competition level, promote the exchange of industry, and fully show the elegant demeanor, quality and skills of the sewing industry.

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