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Jiangsu Taizhou Cotton Yarn Quotation Temporarily Stable &Nbsp, Stock Is Still Larger.

2011/5/12 10:37:00 64

Cotton Yarn Quotation Inventory

With the recent

Zheng cotton

A sharp drop in matching prices in Taizhou, Jiangsu.


Quotations were substantially reduced. In May 10th, the 3 class Xinjiang corps cotton quotations were about 28300 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton compared with the late April. The Shandong and Jiangsu real estate weak 3 grade lint price is about 23300 yuan / ton, down 4000 yuan / ton; OE16S (70% cotton) price is 29000 yuan / ton, C21S price is 35900 yuan / ton, C32S price is 37500 yuan / ton, JC40S price is 43000 yuan / ton, both are flat with the end of April.

According to a local textile company, despite recent cotton lint


The rate of reduction is rather large, but because of the demand for cotton blending, high-grade cotton and no three silk imported cotton are mainly purchased and purchased with the purchase.

In addition, since the beginning of May, the overall sales situation of cotton yarn is still not good, and yarn stock is kept at about 45 days, which is basically the same as in late April.

However, the recent sales of combed yarn can still account for about 80% of the total sales volume, while the spun yarn is basically unsalable.

At present, the initial orders have been basically implemented, and the new orders are mainly small batch orders.

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