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5 Million Yuan To Develop BMW "Cloth"

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Ten Thousand Yuan To Develop BMW

China automotive interior 2011 market The total size of the car is expected to reach 300 billion yuan, and the automotive interior market is showing explosive growth. 2011 Shanghai's first "China automotive interior decoration industry" concluded recently Development The forum learned that most of the experts believe that automotive interior decoration has become a new battleground for competition, and these tiny details have become a very important indicator for assessing the quality of automotive interior decoration. But the status quo of China's automotive interior enterprises should not be blindly optimistic. If the product upgrade is not completed as soon as possible, most Chinese companies may be in the global automotive interior. Design Eliminated in the war.

   Three functions of three blocks of business

According to statistics, 18 million cars were sold in the Chinese market last year, and 40% of Shanghai's Shenda Limited by Share Ltd's automobile textiles accounted for 40% of the total products, such as Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors and Guangzhou Honda. Although Shenda is already the leader of the industry, they also hope to develop the luxury car market and double the gross margin. According to An Xiuqing, general manager of Shen Da shares, last year, Shen Da participated in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill control. Recently, it was in the middle of BMW headquarters in Germany. It became the only BMW cooperative company in China without foreign investment background.

At the beginning of the cooperation with BMW, the other party's request was to develop a foot pad with a size of 60 centimeters and 40 centimeters. In order to develop such a piece of cloth, Shen Da invested nearly 5 million yuan in development funds last year. To speed up the development, Shenda set up an office in Munich, Germany, to understand the needs of the other side. This year, the product developed by Shenda has finally made the Germans take a different look. BMW's global president said: "Chinese products are the same as German products." a new high-end market has been placed in front of Shenda's shares.

It took 7 years to complete the withdrawal of the traditional textile business. Now we are essentially a textile enterprise, but at the same time, it is also a new technology and capital intensive industry. An Xiuqing said that at present, there are three businesses in Shenda: textile foreign trade, automobile textile interior decoration and new textile materials, all of which start from textile industry, like Pyramid layer up: the service trade volume at the bottom is the largest; the middle automobile interior decoration is the most profitable; the new textile material of spire has invested heavily, but the company thinks that the business will have the best growth potential and the greatest potential in the future in the future of the new textile material at the top of the tower. The more we go up, the less competitors, the higher the gross profit margin, the stronger the core competitiveness of enterprises. This is the experience that Shenda has explored in the transformation.

In 2003, Shenda entered the field of research and development of new textile materials, and the introduction of the first production line cost 80 million yuan. The production line has been losing money for 4 consecutive years, but since 2007, the return has come. The business has been growing at a high speed and the gross profit margin is more than 4 times that of ordinary textile foreign trade enterprises. According to the company's relevant personnel, heavy gold imported production lines, mainly the production of "membrane structure" of new textile materials. Initially, Shen Da applied membrane structure to the market of light box advertising cloth, truck tarpaulin and so on, and the demand was vigorous but gross profit was general. Last year, enterprises decided to increase R & D investment. After the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Shenda's new membrane structure was seen by the US oil spill disposal department which had no countermeasures. The first time it ordered 2 million square meters of "polyvinyl chloride oil fence", with a length of 1200 kilometers, which is equivalent to 3 months' capacity of the enterprise.

   Drive the industrial chain with the vehicle enterprise as the leader

Many automobile consumers also believe that the main battlefield of the car design war has shifted from the exterior design to the interior decoration competition, and more importantly, the interior decoration of the car can be more beautiful, safe, comfortable and convenient. It is particularly important for Chinese automotive interior decoration enterprises to transform from "price war" to "value war", enhance brand connotation and establish category advantages.

Some experts have pointed out that spare parts enterprises which do not possess the ability of product development are difficult to adapt to the requirements of vehicle renewal. From the perspective of the development of the interior industry, those suppliers who only have the ability to produce according to drawings are losing market competitiveness gradually. China's manufacturing is plagued by many factors, such as weak brand influence, low level of R & D, unreasonable marketing mode and so on.

The interior decoration of automobile can achieve different effects through various materials and various production processes. The functions, shapes, colors, materials and necessary decorations of interior design should not only meet the needs of functional use, but also make the interior style harmonious and harmonious.

In addition to obeying the principle of color matching in color design, there are some specific principles and rules in the use of color in automotive interior decoration. Modern automotive interior design has broken through the original practice of using only one color. More and more colors are used in similar colors, and a reasonable collocation of colors is used to create a rich sense of hierarchy and harmonious atmosphere. The color of automobile interior decoration also has certain influence on the driver's mood. Dark interior decoration can give a stable and restrained feeling. Although the choice of interior color varies from person to person, many owners do not like light colored interior, because it is easy to dirty, sunlight shines on the top and so on. Darker interior is better designed for light colored interior and is favored by many consumers. Imported cars, Peugeot 407, Porsche 911Carrera are representatives of dark interior, while the domestic car, FAW Volkswagen Golf, FAW Audi A6 also has dark interior selection.

While importing and assimilating foreign products and technologies, we need to understand the development concept of advanced technology. We should not simply imitate and apply it. We must innovate on the basis of mastery. China's own vehicle manufacturers with independent design and manufacturing capabilities should play a leading role in applying innovative and sustainable development ideas to product design and brand image building, forming their own style, and through market promotion and application, to achieve the coordinated development of vehicle enterprises, interior decoration enterprises and related industrial textile enterprises.

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