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2011 Spring'S New Theme

2011/5/12 11:04:00 131

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2011 of spring and summer is undoubtedly an amazing season. The trend of the world tells us that spring is the most popular color in this season. In the 2011 spring and summer, we saw fashion brands and fashion pictures created by this fashion.

Today we have selected this set of fashion.

Photographic works

It fully reflects the characteristics of spring and summer fashion films, and integrates the tidal current elements with seasonal factors.

From this group of photographs, we can clearly see traces of post-processing, such as


The vertical mosaic of these walls makes the visual effects of fashion photography richer and more distinctive.

While appreciating the visual effects created by these photographers, models, and planners, it is more important to appreciate their grasp and creativity in this theme.

The elite who integrate all the links can create a good set of fashion photography works, including the later adjustments.

Fashion photography can show the charm of fashion and the way people dress at a certain time.

But this obvious and simple goal is contained in a complex and unspeakable feeling.

The beauty of fashion shown in fashion photography is sometimes breathtaking and breathtaking, sometimes elegant and fragrant, sometimes humorous and humorous.

Another theme this spring and summer is


Tide, which is also a hot spot in recent fashion elements.

Dark and dark light can well reflect this theme. How to use the darker visual effects to reflect the positive, upward and sunny breath of spring is a skill that photographers need to explore.

In this group of works, books are designed to represent the positive effects of emotion, and finally the images are displayed.

Although the color is dim, the mood of the picture is not grey. Occasionally, the warm color light source gives people a positive feeling, which is in harmony with the positive atmosphere of spring.








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