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Industry Dialysis: Luxury Brands Are Spoiled Behind

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Luxury Brand T-Shirt Brand Culture


Famous brand is the golden holy coat worn by modern people.

People love

famous brand

The reasons, including exquisite workmanship and design, are far from all.

Otherwise, it's hard to explain. Just the cotton T-shirt that broke and broke and hit the logo of Balmain, the price rose more than 100 times.

Many spectators identified this as a wild demand.

However, there is no denying the historical heritage, style and culture behind the famous brand.


Image is part of the price tag, which can not be duplicated or irreplaceable.

The Japanese who love the best and know the top brands think that the famous brand is the gold sacred clothing worn by modern people.

Famous in Japan

Fashion Designer

Yamamoto Teruji Yoji Yamamato even said: "brand name is armor, protect you from outside harm."

In fact, the psychological value of a mature brand that has been working hard for many years is far more than its material value. Therefore, appreciation of famous brands can not start with intuitive feelings such as impressions and tactility. Only when you understand the story behind the brand and the stories of people who are happy with Jin and Jin, will you really realize the taste of commodities.



Dior brand is closely related to the characteristics of "all kinds of Customs".

Let the brand speak for you

Behind every mature brand, there must be a brand image that can not be duplicated or replaced.

People choose their social circles and public impressions in the process of choosing brands.

You don't even have to speak. Everything is already expressed.

The middle class in the United States has a so-called standard image. Successful men wear Ralph Lauren, their wives wear Dior, and lovers wear Versace. This is their unique temperament, and is not random, but after years of careful building and guidance, the brand has finally come into being.

Take Dior as an example, when John Galliano takes over the brand, Dior's image in French women is already a bit old. John takes the role of Nicole Kidman as the prototype of the great director Kubrick's "eye opening", redefines Dior women, and through a series of taboo, bold and even erotic advertisements, successfully reverses the stereotype of people's original Dior, and makes the Dior brand closely linked to the characteristic of "all kinds of Customs".

Versace has been playing sexy cards since its establishment. In Beijing, female workers at the senior night show bought their family's snakeskin skirts for a short time.


Sometimes it is hard for us to imagine how much manpower and resources the brand has invested in building and maintaining its image.

Burberry used to have a hot checker cap, but because of the favor of the British bullheaded party, Burberry, who thought it damaged the positive image of the company, immediately stopped the production of the hat.

Chanel has fought a famous lawsuit with perfume company angel, because the latter mimics the most classic perfume No. 5: Although the two products are different in composition, but because of misleading consumers, affecting the image of the 5 perfume established over the past decades, the court finally ruled that angel company infringed, perfume had the right to image since then, and the importance of the virtual brand image has once again been proved.

To make the goods produced represent a certain group of people. This is the only way to brand success, and also the core component of its value.

In the past two years, Louis Vuitton has spared no effort to popularize its "core value" advertising, not selling goods, only emphasizing the idea, so that the brand can better represent its consumer groups.

Of course, this is just one way. BV, which is famous for its low profile, is totally different from it. It has made the indelible mark of another consumer group without logo.



Wearing Alexander McQueen is a high-profile announcement to the surrounding world that you are a fashion leader.

Rare and hidden social pass

Patek Philippe, the world's top watch manufacturer, has been insisting that you can't own a Patek Philippe, but just its custodian.

The implication is that the perfect quality of Patek Philippe can last for more than a century, exceeding the life span of human beings.

Whether they are Hermes, LV or Gucci, their leather products can basically be used for decades, and the old fashions such as Balenciaga, Lanvin and so on, are often equipped with tailoring and material.

More than that.

More often than not, top brands are social passes that lead to secret circles.

Celebrities and celebrities have played a part in this. For example, Marilyn Monroe said that she did not wear anything except "spray Chanel 5 perfume" while Audrey Hepburn wore Chanel classic black dresses and Tiffany jewellery in the movie, as well as Givenchy, the first lady Jacqueline and Kennedy frequent wear (now it's Mrs. Obama and Jason Wu).

On the other hand, the force comes from the commodity itself: the high price is the first threshold, and the taste and courage are second.

In recent years, fashion from YSL's dress dress, Balmain leather jacket to Alexander McQueen's high heeled shoes is the first to wear them. It's a high-profile announcement to you around the world that you are a fashionable leader, a fashion designer, which is enough to let you sweep any top social place.

Scarcity is still an indispensable element.

Scarcity leads people to yearn for illusion, to create desire.

Tom Ford, the American designer, was the first thing he did when the old luxury goods group Gucci was in danger.

It is to recover more than 2000 trademark rights that the company sold before, because he himself knows no more, no one will worship the cheap goods on the streets, and Gucci must be more reserved if he wants to return to the ranks of luxury goods.

It is hard to imagine that a normal company in any industry will do so if we reduce production and raise the selling price and turn out a large number of demand consumers. However, for fashion and luxury goods industry, only in this way can they taste more flavors of their products.

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