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The Era Of Cosmetic Market Is Coming.

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Cosmetics Brand L'oreal

For a long time, men were big China. Cosmetic market A dispensable role. But in recent years, a large number of male cosmetics brands have emerged in the Chinese market. High end department stores include Biotherm, Lancome, Clinique, Shiseido, CLARINS, Vichy, Vichy, etc. modern supermarkets have Paris, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Hong Kong and Macao. brand There are also GF, masculinity, EVA, Lei Di, NBA, Xia Wa and so on. These phenomena are making clear: Cosmetics "his era" has arrived.

  Last year, China's male cosmetics market.

The capacity is nearly 8 billion yuan.

In 2009, the growth rate of men's skin care products in China increased by 27%, while in 2010 the market grew at a rate of 40%, about 5 times the growth rate of women's skin care products. In 2010, the market volume of men's skin care products was close to 4 billion yuan. If men's toiletries, men's perfume and men's make-up were included, the market for men's cosmetics would reach 8 billion yuan. This shows that the male market has become one of the biggest surprises in China's cosmetics market.

L'OREAL LOr (L'OREAL) is one of the leading cosmetics groups in China. The group's male oriented products just launched 4 years ago, and now occupy 23% of Paris's L'OREAL brand in China. In Western Europe, men's share in skin care products is only 7% to 10%. In 2010, the sales of men's skin care products in the entire L'OREAL group exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Japan's "Nikkei weekly" analysis said that in the past, men's cosmetics were mostly focused on shaving and hair styling products, and the target customers were 20-40 years old. Today, men over the age of 40 are also interested in skin care products that have functions such as slowing down aging.

Data show that China's per capita expenditure on beauty products is only 5 euros (US $6.2) per year, while France is 130 euros, which highlights the growth potential of China's market. In the next 5 years, the demand for cosmetics for men in China will increase at an annual rate of 96%.

  Sino-Japanese chemical grab

China Men's makeup market cake

Garnier launched men's skin care products, Procter & Gamble launched OLAY men's skin care series, Gillette men's Global Subdivision functional products. Dabao, TJOY, GF, TAYOI and other local brands are also reluctant to join the battle. The huge potential of men's skin care market has made international and domestic brands keep a close eye on this cake.

In the field of men's daily chemical industry, the first male product was Biore, then NIVEA of Germany. The aggressive cosmetics giant L'OREAL, taking its Biotherm, L'OREAL and Garnier in Paris, takes the market in a high, medium and low way. Japan's OLAY and Gillette have launched the corresponding men's series. At the same time, Mentholatum's recent efforts in the men's series should not be ignored.

From the first quarter of 2010, the ranking of men's skin care brands ranked the first time that Paris L'OREAL exceeded 20%, ranking first by 20.45%, and gradually expanding the gap with other brands. In addition, L'OREAL group's Biotherm and Vichy also successfully entered the top ten, and the 3 brands had a total concern of 29.27%. According to Baidu data research center, L'OREAL group has a strong layout of men's skin care products market, covering the men's skin care market from many aspects, such as product price, age, product area and so on. It is worth mentioning that in March 2010 just listed OLAY men's products, Internet users accounted for 7.01% of the total, ranking sixth.

Because of the market for men's skin care products, L'OREAL, Biore men, Laneige, Lancome, Biotherm, Armani and Armani all started the "enclosure movement" early, and UNO, Jun Shi, and other professional men's brands are also emerging. In addition to daily cleaning and moisturizing products, some brands have also introduced functional products such as whitening to meet the needs of men in different industries, and sales are good.

NIVEA, Biore, Mentholatum and other men's cosmetics brand has now firmly occupied the supermarket store. L'OREAL, Biotherm and other brands attacked rapidly and expanded in recent years. At the same time, Adidas's sports perfume and skin care products are also competitors of GF perfume.

   Modern Shang Chao is male cosmetics.

Mainstream buying channels

According to AC Nielsen statistics, modern Shang Chao is the most important purchase channel for men's cosmetics. Whether Paris L'OREAL or NIVEA or Mentholatum, all mainstream brands want to improve product penetration and market share, will focus on modern business super channel as the main battlefield. WAL-MART, Carrefour, Huarun Wanjia and other international chain terminal stores have begun to open sales areas for men's basic care products.

Personal care shops and cosmetics shops become an important growth point for men's cosmetics. The personal care shops represented by Watsons are strengthening the introduction of men's skin care products. They have set up a special men's skin care area in the store, and even have launched a series of men's skin care brands.

Meanwhile, department stores become the international brand of men's cosmetics. The growth rate of men's skin care products sales in various department stores also presses women's skin care products. But in the men's high-end skin care products market, they are all foreign brands.

Online shopping has become an opportunity for local new brands to break through. Men's shopping is not like women's repeated comparison and trial, so there is still a reason for the online marketing of male consumers. Chetti Rouge, a professional men's make-up brand, adopts the way of network marketing. With the gradual expansion of online shoppers, male consumers who buy cosmetics through the Internet will steadily increase.

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