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Discussion On The Relationship Between Clothing Brand, Value And Wearability

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Clothing Brand Clothing Industry

This article briefly discusses clothing. brand The relationship between value and wearability and the relationship between them is put forward. Clothing industry The core of value creation is the embodiment of value, which is the foundation of brand creation and a manifestation of potential after-sales service of enterprises.

With the development of society, the progress of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, clothing has fundamentally changed its early single function, and clothing is no longer synonymous with shame and warmth. People's pursuit of clothes has not only satisfied the variety of colors and styles, but the modern people's attitude towards clothing is to value themselves, pursue their taste, personality and fashion. People hope that the costumes can bring pleasure and bring comfort and healthy enjoyment. The meaning of clothing wearability is gradually expanding and deepening. Clothing brands also include a certain degree of demand for clothing.

First, clothing Brand

Brand is a kind of trust and evaluation for an enterprise and its products, after sale service and cultural value. Brand is already a manifestation and representation of the comprehensive quality of goods. When people think of a clothing brand, they always associate with fashion, culture and value. Clothing enterprises constantly create fashion and cultivate culture when creating brand. With the development of enterprises, they constantly change from low value-added to high value-added upgrading, and change to the high level of product development advantages, product quality advantages, and cultural innovation advantages. When the brand culture is recognized and accepted by the market, the brand can produce its market value.

In the process of transformation and upgrading of garment industry, the core strategy is actually brand strategy. Brand work always keeps a high consistency with the core value of the enterprise, truly reflects the values of the enterprise, and forms the perfect unification of the internal culture and external communication effect of the enterprise, so as to establish a special relationship between the core role of the brand and the customers or related stakeholders. A successful clothing brand contains great commercial value and rich cultural connotations. It embodies the core values of the operator. There is no accumulation of culture in the brand. Therefore, China's first textile network reported that more and more clothing enterprises are constantly creating and cultivating their own corporate culture, and constantly infiltrating their own brand clothing. The pursuit of brand value of consumers is not only a "real product" that meets the needs of consumers, but a brand product that can meet practical needs and meet the spiritual needs. For brand clothing, it emphasizes not the function, fabric and design of this dress, but emphasizes a state of life. Wearing such clothes can represent elegance, fashion and respect. Therefore, with the continuous promotion of brand, the connotation is expanding and business value is also rising.

   Two, the value of clothing

Marx believed that the word "value" has the basic meaning of "shielding and protecting", which can be valued, respected and valued. China's Social Sciences generally believe that the word "value" has two meanings, one is the social necessary labor embodied in the commodity. Two refers to the usefulness of objective things or concrete positive role. Clothing has two values: self value and added value. The clothing's own value mainly refers to the wearability, which includes the material properties (appearance, physical and chemical properties), designer's labor creation and workmanship, etc. the added value is mainly the value of the brand. The commercial value of clothing brand is the concentrated expression of the above two values.

   Three. Wearability of garments

Simply speaking, wearability is the performance of clothing suitable for wearing. With the change of times, the meaning of sex is changing. Different historical stages have different dress culture, from the earliest comfort to the comfortable, healthy and safe. Generally speaking, the wearability of garments is characterized by comfort, aesthetics and safety. Generally speaking, clothing comfort refers to the comprehensive experience of the wearer through the senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste) and perception, including physical comfort, psychological pleasure, and social self fulfillment. Clothing, as a comfort function, is a buffer for environmental change. It requires warmth in winter, changing and saving heat, cooling in summer, emitting heat from the skin, and keeping the skin free from sweat, dry and comfortable. Once the sweat appears, the ideal clothes can quickly absorb and discharge, and maintain the comfort of the skin. The poor clothes can only leave sweat on the skin, too small air permeability, the body temperature is not easy to discharge, make people feel hot and uncomfortable, and the air permeability is too large, because of the changes in the ambient air temperature, it will quickly affect the skin and is not suitable. Tactile sensation, mainly in the texture of raw materials and fabrics, reflecting the feeling of touch and skin, is a comprehensive index, commonly referred to as "hand feeling". In fact, it contains complex concepts of physical, psychological and physiological factors. It has different implications for different seasons and different garments, such as summer clothing's pursuit of silky smoothness, winter clothing's pursuit of hair like bullet, and so on. High-grade products are especially sensitive to hand feeling. Generally speaking, the better the fabric feels, the better the clothing is, the better the clothing is, the more comfortable it is. China's first textile net reports that the aesthetics of clothing includes gloss, color, style, material, and plutonium. She wants to match the colors, lines and complexion, body shape, material, identity and profession. The lustre mainly comes from the fabric. The luster of the fabric is related to the dyestuff and fiber. The fabric with filamentous luster is more beautiful. Aesthetics also includes the formability and the retention of the garment. The safety problem of clothing is mainly caused by the hidden dangers caused by a wide variety of chemicals, such as decomposing aromatic amine, formaldehyde, pH value and odor. Special attention should be paid to infant clothing and underwear, T-shirt, socks, etc. that are directly exposed to the skin. Children's clothing also requires that the strap and rope meet the requirements.

From the perspective of consumers, their hobbies and values are varied. Different consumers have different cultures and values. One consumer lives in the society, on the one hand, is influenced by their own internal consumption values. On the other hand, it is also influenced by the expense values of their belonging groups. Clothing can represent the identity, occupation and temperament of the wearer, and convey the success, self-confidence and accomplishment of the wearer, setting off the spiritual outlook and ideal sentiment of the wearer. The value of clothing is closely related to brand. Clothing comfort and brand are important components of value. Brand is the embodiment of value. The brand, value and wearability of clothing depend on each other and complement each other, to some extent, they contain each other. With the progress of human civilization and the improvement of living standards, the brand and wearability of clothing will increasingly be valued by people. China's first textile network reported that good clothing is an important factor in clothing quality. A good wearable garment is actually a potential quality after-sales service for garment enterprises. It is the gradual accumulation of brand and corporate reputation in the minds of consumers. It is the foundation of clothing companies to create the brand. In a sense, consumers not only buy products, but a brand system, of course, including the wearability, the good reputation and after-sales service of enterprises. Brand clothing is not the price of clothing to measure how much it sells, it should let consumers feel that it is worth the money and valuable.

With the development of the economy and the development of the market, the homogenization of the products is getting more and more serious. Therefore, we should further enhance the difference advantage of the brand core value and quality connotation to enhance the consumer's awareness and loyalty to the brand. The creation of brand is not overnight, and the maintenance and promotion of brand need meticulous care and maintenance. May our garment enterprises seriously cultivate corporate culture, attach importance to and grasp the wearability of clothing, excavate new market pursuits, satisfy new consumption concepts, enhance brand vitality, create more clothing brands, enhance the brand value and international competitiveness of Chinese clothing, and maintain a lasting competitive advantage.

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