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Lady&Nbsp; Gaga&Nbsp; Matador Dressed Up To Kill The Whole Scene.

2011/5/13 10:00:00 50

Lady Gaga Matador Kill The Whole Game

The Cannes Film Festival is a natural event. Lady GaGa With the help of Lady GaGa, the Cannes Film Festival is sure to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, and she certainly has not disappointed the audience.

Lady GaGa was a hot Spanish bullfighter on that day. Dress up The red cape is extremely eye-catching, with long blond hair matching the black fringe of the front, and the blouse with a gold Sequin. Lace Clairvoyant, expensive, low body wearing leopard style black stockings, long red nails, some witches temptation, and her vigorous dance dedication of the new tune Judas, the whole venue almost high to burst.

The scenery on the stage is limitless, while GaGa is showing off in the dress rehearsal, wearing only bra and silk stockings in the whole field. Although the image is extremely indecent, it still leads to screaming in the field. It seems that she still has many fans in France. And just recently, GaGa walked on the streets of Paris with a fox hair color hairstyle, causing an onlookers.
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