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Gentleman'S Men'S Clothing Brand, British Hero, Has Led The British Traditional Trend.

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GentlemenMen'S ClothingBritish CultureDress Culture

Eighteenth Century


Keen on manor gatherings, a graceful and athletic dress, is often another pride capital that they show off skilled hunting, shooting and fishing skills.

Over the centuries, gentlemen and celebrities continue this ancient and romantic traditional lifestyle and promote freedom, enjoyment and freedom.

Dress culture

The idea is gradually blowing up and becoming an irresistible trend.

E.J.DRAGON (British Jie Delong) is rooted in pure.

British culture

Fertile land, with fashion, noble design concept, excellent quality craft, elegant British gentleman style, tells the wealth era, wealth elite life taste and life perception, romantic and leisurely, rational and calm, mature and honourable, glory and dream are all in the chest, by the wind and water, with the movement of the charm, so that E.J.DRAGON (Jie Delong) with the general male noble, gentleman label and attracted much attention.

In 2000, E.J.DRAGON (British Jie Delong) brought the concept of life in English to China, advocating that it was relaxed and casual, and restored the comfortable and natural state of the body. It advocated a relaxed attitude towards work and life, as elegant and calm as a gentleman in England.

E.J.DRAGON (British Jie Delong Jie Delong) is noble, romantic, classic, fashion English wind, elegant romantic, classic, vogue, elegant pure cotton and wool, fine pure cotton and wool, pure cotton and wool, and such fabrics, classic black, white, ash, classic black, white, ash, no blemish and Omi, witness exquisite process quality and fashion taste in detail, more vivid and vivid colors, more vivid and lively color, more vigorous and lively E.J.DRAGON, more vitality and romantic style, gentle style, calm, subtle, detail style, like a real British gentleman, aristocracy, a real British gentry, aristocracy, E.J.DRAGON (British Jie Delong) as real British gentry, aristocratomanjiang the connotation is very fashionable.

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