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SNOOPY Brand Autumn Order Will Create The Perfect Brand Charm.

2011/5/13 10:17:00 68

SNOOPY Brand Order Meeting

As international

Casual shoes

Leading force


SNOOPY (Snoopy) 2011 autumn

Order-placing meeting

From May 8, 2011 to May 10th, we opened the 607 room of Jinyang building, 148 Sai Wan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou.

Shoe industry elites from all over the country and new and old agents are invited to participate in this fashion and trend event to share the charm of SNOOPY (Snoopy) and create a miracle of wealth.

This autumn, SNOOPY (Snoopy) launched many new products such as skateboard shoes, canvas shoes, walking shoes, outdoor leisure shoes and so on. The structure and materials of shoes have been increased in research and development. They not only pay attention to the use of colors, but also enhance the comfort of shoes on the whole, and take into account the casual fashion of shoes.

The whole order will be carried out in a tight and orderly manner. The product has also been recognized by the participants. Miss Snoopy, the agent, said: "SNOOPY (Autumn) has many styles of shoes this autumn, and they are very beautiful. They are very optimistic about this year's casual shoes market, and intend to make more points."

In May 10th, SNOOPY (Snoopy) 2011 autumn order will be successfully concluded.

This order will be well received by the agents.

Guangzhou Pang Bo Footwear Co., Ltd. SNOOPY (Snoopy) leisure shoes marketing director Wu Haiying said in an interview: "the success of Pombo shoe industry is inseparable from the support of every agent, franchisee and industry friend."

Pang Bo shoes industry is reliable, credible, saving worry, and provides a full range of sincere services, and all agents, franchisees to work together for the common dream!

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